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    The remaining player base being roughly 1/5 what it was at peak, perhaps you should consider that the lack of depth of talent trees is one of the reasons for this.

    Yes, many people used cookie cutter builds. But many others did not. That is actually an important part of what made the game better in the past. It was accommodating to players of all stripes...not just raiders.

    The current talent trees are fine, the reasons why people would quit are because their class is poorly designed. Talent trees are meant to be an addition to a class not the make or break of how a class plays.

    A lot of what you said can go both ways. The statistic you made up about the player base being roughly 1/5 of what it was at its peak has the same amount of evidence as saying the player base is currently double what it was in Wrath of the Lich.

    There were people back in the day who did not use the optimal build for their class. There are people today who do not use the optimal build for their class.

    The talent trees today are accommodating to players of all stripes, you just don't hear and see those builds because those are builds made by the player. When you are looking for talent builds you will always find a meta, if you want to find these weird little builds that only work in certain situations you have to look a lot deeper, because a majority of the people making builds and putting builds out on the internet and creating the best possible builds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    You had to change couse nerfs/buffs and tiers and legendaries, you didnt had to change couse you couldnt perform good, unless you really wanted to min max, or maybe on some boss fights you had to change 1 MAYBE 2 talents who would help for AOE, but lets not lie to ourselfs, the new talent tree its just streight forward. And what satisfaction do you have when leveling from 100 to 120 when you dont get any skill points to invest as you level, 20 freakin levels without unlocking skill points and talents, is that even an RPG game ?
    You were not performing good in last tier with first tier gear and talents no matter how good you are.

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