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    So when one of them ques up and no one notices it the whole group just gets punished, even at low levels?

    As far as solutions go this is also an incredibly roundabout way of doing things.

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    Retarded Blizzard devs detected.

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    Blizz : people are leveling to fast
    Blizz : cries uncontrollably
    Blizz: nerfs levelling moar
    Bliis: Buy our 110 boost though for £40?
    Me: Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    Uhh, I hope this doesn't affect dungeon finder. I would be so pissed if someone queued into LFG with this xp reduction debuff just to troll.
    I know what I'm doing after 8.2 goes live!

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    Blizzard "With our new Scaling Tech, People of any level and Gear can play together"
    Blizzard "No, not like that!"

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    Par fpr the course unfortunately.
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    Just do the lvl squish already blizzard you're drunk.

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    nice change Blizzard! this was main priority!

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    Maybe their calendar is wrong? And they think we are close to the 1st of april?

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    From an RPG pov, is it not rational that your char gains much less 'experience' just on /follow or /afk then by combat?

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    You're all acting surprised they nerf an OP way of speed leveling. They always have done this.

    Also don't get surprised if they nerf the timewalking spamming as a tank leveling either.

    EDIT: I used the boost runs myself too, but I have played a long time and this is no surprise. For instance dungeon boosting in MoP was nerfed to the ground too. And remember old mob tagging?
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    This is wrong on so many levels. What if I lock a character and then join random dungeon queue? Let's go greif ppl!... What's wrong with it to begin with? Do people using it really want to or care about leveling through quests etc? I'm not gonna level through boost if I want to know about the world and/or story.

    I can understand why they put limitations on things like engineering gadgets (even though I hate it with my whole being). But this is something isolated to 5 people who most likely all agreed to the boost. This nerf is unreasonable. Coming from someone not using boost while often defending the desicions the WoW-staff do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicFind View Post
    Patch 8.2 - Experience Eliminated Aura
    [B]This was likely done to stop Level 110 characters from boosting players to 120 quickly.

    I don't think so. It is rather an effect for those who choose the levelstop. A character at 120 doesn't choose to no longer gain experience, the game simply doesn't allow him to. I think it is for those who actively choose to stop at certain level and are playing with someone who still wants to get Levels. Like a level 60 levelstop group having taking someone at level 60 with them who doesn't use the levelstop.

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    There are 2 types of groups: party and instance. I think this change will only affect the party, so it will not affect LFD

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    This seems like a particularly contrived way to "solve" the problem of people levelling down by going from 110 to 120. You know things are broken when a level 110 can level someone from 119 to 120 faster than he could himself.

    Also, this doesn't fix the problem, as the two players don't need to be in the same group. They just need to tag it.

    Please... Blizzard... stop.

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    Go fuck yourselves Blizzard. We should have the ability to level as quickly as we want to once we've gotten our first character to the expansion's cap. Stop trying to control every fucking aspect of your players game time. Make the shit and allow them to decide how to play it...

    Hey blizzard. Seeing as you want to control everything how about in the next expansion you just do everything for us automatically? Level gain, dungeons, raids. Just turn this into a mobile game in the sense that we just watch the game play itself with our thumbs up our asses. Clearly you believe us unable to play the game ourselves, the way we want to play it so just take the player part of the equation out completely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomega View Post
    Again, nobody is disputing any of this. It's not the issue here. The issue is whether or not they're okay with this or not, not whether or not it's an "exploit" by a strict technical definition. This isn't Dictionary Wars. They could literally say "ok we don't mind" and whether or not it was an exploit would be irrelevant entirely. And so the question is - why don't they? What's it they're trying to fix here, really?
    It's using another mechanic to essentially make the levelling process quicker than it should be, that's an exploit - primarily due to the fact that's not how 110-120 was designed. There's no way having a level 110 with XP turned off gets another character to 120 in 2 hours or so was designed that way, clearly not. The fact they've implemented this buff/fix shows that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabinas View Post
    What YOU call an exploit, i call deliberate game design decision from Blizzard. THEY chose to have the power scaling mechanism at the start of BfA. Now, again, who's got the right definition?
    It's what the definition of a video game exploit calls it, not me. They have been aware of it since the beginning of BfA and did come up with a solution, but later abandoned the fix in order to seek out another way of dealing with it. In December they were going to prevent anybody 110 and above from disabling XP gain, but that affected more than the people actually using this exploit. They've found a solution now and they're using it, so i'm unsure why it's also a big of a shock to some when something was going to be done about it last December ( It's not like it's something that's just appeared out of no where.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriousdoom View Post
    I dont agree with that, that would make it impossible for me to farm azerite power on my speed char.
    So - it all becomes your choice, imposing your choice on others is the issue I'm trying to address.

    AI Won't take jobs away from people, people who embrace AI will take jobs away from people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishayu View Post
    This seems like a particularly contrived way to "solve" the problem of people levelling down by going from 110 to 120. You know things are broken when a level 110 can level someone from 119 to 120 faster than he could himself.

    Also, this doesn't fix the problem, as the two players don't need to be in the same group. They just need to tag it.

    Please... Blizzard... stop.
    Apart from you need to be in a group for island expeditions/freehold, which were the easiest ways of doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pppbroom View Post
    do people really think that 110-120 in several hours was an okay thing to do?
    Apparently. Then again, they're probably the same people who claim the game is too easy whilst using an exploit that makes the game even easier

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    Love this change ! Just stop complening about blizzard fixing this sh*t. Questing from Level 110 to 120 with heirloom gear is really fast...but you can't be AFK, how unfortunate.

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