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    Relax people, this is just some classic fan getting his jollies waiting for classic to launch. If you read the thing it's literally straight out of the classic fan talking points:

    No one here plays the game.
    No one here talks to eachother.
    No one here takes pride in their work.
    No one here remembers the game before Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zantos View Post
    How I know its BS: Prestige classes make no sense at all since a druid wouldn't suddenly be dragonsworn or even have any connection.
    Most of the Dragonsworn are Night Elf Druids:
    "For years now I've found it to be a such a strange honor to be followed around the internet by expert interpreters, who take plain words in English and replace them with other, more loaded words in English." - Posted by Zarhym

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    ESO's leveling system is FAR better then WoW's tbf. Faction merge would help queue times.

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    could you guys even imagine trade chat with merged factions? lol

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    why is this thread still alive

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlubberPuddy View Post
    I'm guessing a lot of the BFA story is terrible because of how forced the faction fighting is supposed to be, or at least the way Blizzard is doing it.

    With your WoD example, I guess most expansions past probably Cataclysm have come out of the blue (I mean people speculate but I'm talking direct tie-ins like WoD to Legion).

    I'll be a bit surprised if they did go resurrect from old popular characters, but then some people were calling Legion a rehash TBC just cuz of Burning Legion stuff.

    But yeah I just find it hard to pick up on any actual tie in like WoD -> Legion did because it seems like the story can go any number of places. There's still the whole deal with Wrathion for instance.

    I don't think we'll go to another planet though (K'areesh). I would just be surprised is all, feels like there's so much happening on Azeroth atm.
    Well guess you have a point, Pandaland was out of nowhere and only Legion had a build up from the legendary questline and WoD last patch. About Azeroth, besides the world there isn't anything else happening, at best we have Bolvar pulling his plan in action and Azerite element is probably forgotton next expansion with being render useless because Azeroth is fulll healed. Likely we go to the shadowlands before K'areesh because I have the feeling the planet will be like a mix of Draenor with Argus to serve as the void expansion(you know, blizzard will not exhaust the playerbase with the same scenagraphy)
    Quote Originally Posted by Varitok View Post
    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ophenia View Post
    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    Someone that used that exact same syntax and word choice had a pre-BfA leak that was supposed to include 8.2 content was wildly false, including a leak about 9.0 that was very different.

    Also, the information the leaker provides about the inner workings of Blizzard we know to be demonstrably false. I can't imagine trying to develop games with 0 verbal communication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    they wouldn't.....
    The real question is "Wouldn't they?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    Most of the Dragonsworn are Night Elf Druids:
    Yes, but lore wise, they stayed druids. They didn't suddenly morph into an entirely new class.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Swnem View Post
    I don't think you understood it. The class mechanics are the same, the forms and animations would be totally different. Oh and this wouldn't apply to your druid, it would unlock the prestige class for character creation. AKA, only a brand new character would be dragonsworn in this case, not your existing one.

    Thinking about it though... the idea is losing me cause with all the resources going for new models and animations, might as well do it justice and design it's own class.
    Oh, I understood. Its just that in lore, nothing changes. Their animations, forms, nothing. They remain the same. Like the druids of Ysera did. They are just those sworn to protect and fight for the dragons.
    Quote Originally Posted by scorpious1109 View Post
    Why the hell would you wait till after you did this to confirm the mortality rate of such action?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    I've always championed the idea of Prestige classes, I wished Hero classes required a "Prestige" sacrifice. But I don't think Blizz would ever do that... then again it would sell level boosts.

    Still they aren't going to make you reroll your druid, just to get some fire effects. That sounds like a big non-starter from the Blizz point of view.

    Also we are on the regular class rotation, Tinkerer isn't a hero class if it exists. You'd start at level 1.
    Why not? I thought back in WotLK they contemplated it with DK? Then again I was like 17 and can't remember that much back then
    Quote Originally Posted by Greyscale View Post
    But then again, in the story, we're pretty brutal murder machines and not really "strategical assets". Just send us in and we'll murder everything in our way!
    So I guess the solution here is simple - we'll murder everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tromage2 View Post
    Boar creature that uses the Worgen rig for the Horde...

    If this is true then blizzard rly dont get their own game.
    How can you make up a totally new race out of nowhere when we still have iconic Horde races missing from the faction?

    Like: Ogres, Forest Trolls, Mok'Nathal, San'layn, Hozen and Taunka.

    All of these races have background story and are part of the Horde.
    Yet here comes a boar creature out of nowhere… good thing this is fake.
    First 3 yes. Second 3 NO WAY!

    Ogres, big strong tall forest trolls (WC2) and Mok'Nathal ftw.
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    Most of the Dragonsworn are Night Elf Druids:
    And they're effectively Druids with some extra benefits for being BFFs with the Green Flight. Dragonsworn would work better as the next Artifact incarnation than as a class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khuros View Post
    ESO's leveling system is FAR better then WoW's tbf. Faction merge would help queue times.
    Level scaling is halfassed in wow, imagine if blizzard tries to copy all of ESO entirely...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PelinalWhitestrake View Post
    Level scaling is halfassed in wow, imagine if blizzard tries to copy all of ESO entirely...
    They'd botch it entirely. Because WoW is a 2004 action bar MMO, not ESO.
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    Something about this rings true, to me.

    Having said that... I'm not suggesting that's a good thing (save for seeing Wrathion; that dude is always welcome to crash the party).

    This sounds like a major fucking mess, which is honestly how I would describe BFA; a fucking mess. It doesn't feel like there's any clear vision for the game anymore, and they're just winging-in from one patch to the next. Allied Races, for example, I think have had an overtly negative impact on the game, which is a shame because some of them do at least *look* cool (Dark Iron Dwarves are the only one that feels congruent with the rest of the game).

    I dunno. If this post is true -- and I suspect it is, although I've no evidence to support one way or the other -- it just seems like a natural extension of the trainwreck that is BFA.

    Honestly, I think they need to get some fresh blood in there to work on the next expansion. The game just doesn't feel like it's being made by people who truly *LOVE* Warcraft anymore. Maybe they love "the Horde", or they're hellbent on pushing "female empowerment" on players at every turn, but it just doesn't feel like there's a cohesive vision behind WoW anymore.

    EDIT: The one positive I see in the supposed "leak", is the idea of removing faction barriers to some degree. I think the player-base has dwindled low enough it might be mandatory now, but regardless, I think it would be one of the few changes that could potentially be exciting.
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    But I want sneikbois
    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    I love how many people go the "fuck feminism!! ruining society!" Never change, "/r/incels" champion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Moose Fandango View Post
    No more eeeelves!
    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTenko View Post
    Not gonna happen because Blizzard is gonna say "it's to hard to make a female model". Because they're terrified of creating females who are not cutesexy and disappointing the wanker segment of the playerbase.

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