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    8.2 New HoA traits

    Personally I'm disapointed with the way HoA is going (or where it has been since BFA launch).

    I think more active abilities that are in no way linked to our class will not be fun to use.
    I was looking for something that made sense on the classes I play, something that interacts with other abilities I use, even if it was passively.
    Not just another random "click here and do 1000 damage" button. Especially when everyone around me will have the same one.
    I think this brings no real costumization options or depth to our gameplay.

    Can someone convince me otherwise? I want to be excited about this..

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    When I first heard about essences I thought it would alter our already known abilitys specific to our specs. Like " Rapidfire now reduces the cast time of your next 2 aimed shots with 100%" or " Penence creates an absorb shield on your target for 60% healing done "

    But when I saw the essences I was disapointed, as you mention every one will use the same BiS essence! Sorry but I cant convince you maybe some one else can?

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    Those examples are the exact sort I was also looking for!
    Options that would create depth in our builds and give us chances to adjust our gameplay.
    I could also see something like "Rising Sun Kick has a chance to reset the CD of your Renewing Mists" to get my fistweaving back in action!

    The Heart of Azeroth Calculator on wowhead makes me very sad.
    Random bleeds or 1 click button for damage are so plain and boring.
    It's like they are just filling in gaps with random stuff or saying "Here...have one more active ability like you asked for".
    I don't get it.

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