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  • Dragon Isles / Dragons

    69 28.51%
  • Underground & Caves / Black Empire

    71 29.34%
  • Northrend 2.0 / Undead & Scourge

    48 19.83%
  • None of them

    54 22.31%
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    I have no theme interest.

    I am, however, sick of random small island is suddenly a continent. Gimme underground, gimme another hemisphere, just not Dragon Isles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyrinx View Post
    1000% sick of the "void", lets get (back?) to some high fantasy themes. With High Elves, and Bards!

    I voted "Dragons".
    Yeah, let's stop doing what makes Warcraft unique and revert to generic DnD stuff.

    There are plenty of generic DnD-style worlds, but that's not Warcraft. Even in Warcraft 2 & 3 it wasn't really high fantasy. Warcraft 2 had you going through another portal to a dying alien world. Warcraft 3 was about uniting the races against an interplanetary demonic army.

    I can't comprehend why you want Warcraft to be more like the standard fantasy template. There are so many games, movies, and shows if that's your thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Tbh Firelands, while cool, it had just 8 bosses... And Diarrhea Soul was just ewww.
    Why is everybody so down on Dragon Soul? Only "problem" I can see is that it re-uses most of it's assets and isn't a new area. But for me that was a good thing, having a raid that's a big battle over a pre-existing location instead of just going into the bad guy's evil lair and killing them.

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    A new continent east of the Eastern Kingdoms and West of Kalimdor.

    But I'd like Northrend 2.0 almost as much.
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    I just want anything involving void lords. Legion PvE wise made us out to be gods and super powerful, then we're brought back to reality in BFA. I want to be that super badass again who has his back against the wall and it's do or die against the void lords.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    I have no theme interest.

    I am, however, sick of random small island is suddenly a continent. Gimme underground, gimme another hemisphere, just not Dragon Isles.
    Gotta agree, underground could be really fun. Existing zones that have had burrows dug underneath them by some long forgotten anything could be fun. I was a huge fan of Deepholm aesthetically, and who doesn't love Nerubians.

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    I know they're so generic but I'm a total sucker for Dragons...

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    The one that has parrots and pirates. Yarr matey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    black empire, i don't want a single revamp, learned that lesson from cata
    if they revamp any zone it will cost us a raid tier
    I would be all for a revamp. I feel it's a necessary thing to freshen up the world after at least 4 or so expansions. Big changes happen in each one, lore and gameplay wise, we get raids all the damn time. It would be nice if they took the opportunity of a world revamp to added some repeatable content to the rest of the world behind the cutting edge. Encouraging us to return to old world to find or enjoy new content would be nice imo.

    I don't think it even has to cost a raid tier, no idea where you got that from to begin with.
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    Surely there must be more below the surface of Azeroth than Deepholm. Wjo knows what may be lurking right under our feets ... we'll have to go explore.

    But for all the gods sake - design it with Deepholm in mind. make it so the various quest areas are impossible to reach without flying and let us fly from day one. Anything else wouldn't make sense (to me) when we have to find out if there's an underground emprire we haven't heard of yet and if the roumours of secret tunnels connecting, not just Stormwind and Orgrimar, but the entire Azeroth, are true. I think that would be pretty damn cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    not sure u joke or not but we get 2 zul'agains, and lost abyssal maw (and GC literally said that the revamped cost us this raiding tier)
    also a heartbreaking story, i have a friend whose friend was playing with her during Darspear revolution event, she got cancer and died, wow took that memory from my friend, she can't relive the last days since wow removed it from game
    that is why i'm very strong anti-change, if they want to do anything, do it like Blasted lands, leave old version alone, add new one
    Im sorry to hear that.

    I kinda forgot we had a major patch with no raid tiers, but in the end they gave us enough raid tiers.

    about old zones changing, it seems blizzard has taken the root of placing zidormi for that to change back to old zone.

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    If it's not underground themed I'll probably have zero interest for this game until they make one.
    I'm bored with just getting boring forest and mountains as leveling and WQ zones every xpack.
    I prefer that Nzoth survives 8.3 and have a underground black empire 9.0 But I will also be hyped for an undead underground expansion theme.

    Karesh/Void gods would be cool but they should keep this for the last expansion

    Old world remake should be done over time with 3-5 update zones every patch starting with 8.3

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    Stick to bugs and aliens in the void, floating rocks and spaceship settings along with new races imo. Sprinkled with cool creative atmospheres, a few dragons and nightmarish undying fel, like the forces of change to the dark matter/unknown in the universe. The eternal question of freewill and too much/too little freewill in the moment without the necessarily obvious contexts.
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    Prefer underground to be honest.

    One of my all time favorite raids (at least as a setting) is delving deep into the bug tunnels in AQ40. The place is pretty bland looks wise, but the idea that you're in a giant spiraling bug hive is pretty awesome. The other setting I really liked was doing both Azjol'Nerub instances in WoTLK. To the untrained eye you probably didn't notice, but seriously, take your time doing these instances and notice how much shit they put in the out of bounds areas in these dungeons at certain points. When you realize how detailed areas like this were, it's amazing to me that they didn't do more with these assets since WoTLK.

    Despite Cataclysm being really disjointed, some of the coolest zone designs ever were created in it. Deepholm and Vashj'ir have zero zones in the game that closely resemble them, whereas pretty much every other zone in the game shares a theme with several other areas (mountain zones, lush forest, deserts, etc). While Vashj'ir is an unlikely candidate to ever be replicated, the potential for a zone like Deepholm to explored further would be amazing in my opinion.

    All that said I wouldn't mind a return to an undead theme if they somehow incorporated underground themes (Azjol'Nerub). Alternatively Old God shit taking us deep into the earth of Azeroth isn't a stretch either, and I wouldn't mind reintroducing Old Gods like Yogg'Saron and C'Thun back into the mix, if it meant delving deeper into AQ or areas underneath of Northerend and Ulduar (Azjol'Nerub).

    On another note mixing an underground theme with a mechanical/engineering theme would probably be in good taste too. Not hard to do if you have subplots centered around Goblins and Gnomes. Undermine could be a staging area for the Horde, while the Alliance could team up with Earthen and Mechagnomes.

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