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    Question How to improve in the rbg mass fights?

    Hi, I'm one of 2 leaders for our RBG group. We all climbed from 1.5 to 1.8 rating and usually face teams around 1.9-2k MMR. We have strategies for every BG, everyone knows what to do, but the worst BGs for us are EoS and Battle for Gilneas, where we tend to do the mass fights in the middle. They simply wipe us and take the flag and we have no response for it.

    I'm still not sure what to change in order to win the mass fight. Some ppl say that we should do more controls, but when you have a warrior, DH, spriest in your group, I don't think that can do that much control so it's mostly our balance druid and lock who can control most of the time.

    Our healers also complain about not getting peeled enough, but honestly, how can we peel DH or warrior in the middle of EoS? They tell us to CC those melees, but then we lack the CC on enemy healers.

    What's the basic approach for the mass fights? Do you try to kill a dps and then switch to healers? Do you chase the healers when they start running back with 30% HP? Do you try to get some def CDs from them and then pop your burst? How do you help your healers?

    Any tips for the mass fights are welcome. Thanks!

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    At this rating some of the best tips you can receive are simply going over the basics rather than talking about strategy and tactics.

    Controlled target calling
    A proper kill target priority list
    Proper CC chains during kill target calls
    Interrupt management priorities (and not overlapping them)
    Do you have people who focus on interrupting certain people as much as possible?
    Dispels (How much are your team dispelling? are they dispelling important enemy buffs?)
    Proper use of maledicts and other trinkets
    Proper awareness of who the enemy kill target is and dealing with that defensively

    I can guarantee none of the above will be perfect and have vast rooms to improve in before anything else

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