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    Quote Originally Posted by khazmodan View Post
    The idea that these developers are actually capable of making a WoW 2 is laughable. This is not 2006 Blizzard, this is the Blizzard that doubles down on things like: mission tables, no flying, eliminating mounts that can walk on water, sharding, phasing, CRZ, stripping classes of more abilities each expansion, LFR, LFD, excessive RNG, the cash shop and all the slippery slope, short term, cash grab idiocy that goes with it. Remember these are the guys that are still working on releasing Classic after 3 years in the pipeline while a few guys in a garage can put a private server together.
    And even if they could, they wouldn't. Creating a game in direct competition with yourself is STUPID. You won't gain new customers, and you're now just paying double the development cost for the same revenue. Or, you could shut down the old game, and then the people who were only playing that because of the time invested, would now just stop giving you money, again, a bad outcome.

    They won't make a new WoW at least until current WoW stops being profitable. Probably won't even after that

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    Quote Originally Posted by duselsteiner View Post
    I wish they would create a solo player rpg in azeroth. I cannot stand Blizzards focus on competition and group challenges in WoW anymore.
    That would be sick! Like Witcher style. Console port. I'd play the shit out of it.

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