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  1. #41, Island Expeditions and Warfronts.

    Pointless totems for either flying to useless locations or walking speed boost.

    World of, table missions.

    Allied Races (sorry, I just don't care about reskins)

    War Effort Advancements

    Daily WQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmilblick View Post
    Actually, I'm unsubbed, that's why I forgot completely those crap features xD
    oh, in that case, instant win
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    Since I unsubbed quite a while ago I don't remember much but there was a bunch of stuff I simply straight up ignored because I didn't find them interesting or worth my time:
    -Mission Table
    -Island Expeditions: I think I did 7 of these total and that's it. So boring.
    -Follower equipment
    -Normal Dungeons and the atunements. Didn't even know where to start.
    -Non-tier armor sets
    -The Plot: "Plot, what plot?"
    -Whatever else I have actually forgotten about.

    Eh, BfA gave me so little I just kinda fell off. What was there was uninspiring or boring. A very forgettable experience.

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    Island Expeditions. Seriously, why is that in the game? What does it add? Ugh...

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    Pretty much the usual suspects:

    Island Expeditions - They were somewhat fun to me for a little while, but their repetitiveness along with bad/inconsistent rewards meant they fell off after the first couple of months. I don't know why you still can't queue for Mythic difficulty, since it's not like it's insanely hard.

    Warfronts - Warfronts were just confused from the start. With focusing on content that 'tells a story' while offering no challenge whatsoever, I feel like Blizzard have put their development eggs in a basket that does not play to their strengths. This ties into so much else of what they're doing - war campaign, heritage armor, etc. Stuff that is very, very scripted, that you need only show up for to easily and quickly complete while, of course, earning overpowered rewards along the way.

    Heart of Azeroth/Azerite Armor - I never cared about Azerite armor. I tried, but the traits were never interesting enough for me to get excited about a new piece of Azerite armor. If I get a piece that's higher level then my current one, great, I'll equip it, pick the best trait it offers, and promptly forget about it. Hardly any more special than any other piece of gear.

    World Content/Emissaries/WQs - I'll sometimes do an emissary if it's got the 2k gold reward or I'm near enough to a paragon box. Otherwise, I never do world quests or emissaries. I consider Azerite useless as a reward (and my HoA isn't even capped), along with War Resources and almost all equipment rewards. World quests themselves were very disappointing this expansion. I expected a big step forward from Legion, when they were debuted. I think many of us were happy to overlook some of the mediocrity of Legion WQs because they were new and they were a reasonable answer to WoD's total lack of content. But with BFA they had a couple years to think about how WQs could help in creating a dynamic, fun, and content-filled world, but all they gave us was a repeat of Legion WQs - except maybe even a little more uninspired?

    I'm sure there are more, but I've totally forgotten about them.

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