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    Weird Redirection

    Sometimes when I refresh the MainPage, or go to a Forum Thread, I get redirected around some Corners to a very very annoying (Scam?) page that wants to make me Believe its a Microsoft Page and that I have a Virus on my PC, this only happens on MMO-Champion, thats why I dont think this is any Actual Malware I might have caught.

    The Webpages in the History are these: (In That Order)


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    When it happens, could you check your browser history for all of the URLs after the MMOC page you clicked, and provide those as well. Thanks!

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    Okey, last few days it didnt happen, while its not the same, a similar Redirection happend again.

    Refreshed the MainPage, started to read the Patchnotes and were Redirected:
    This is my Latest Chronic:

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    Thanks, I'll get that reported for removal.

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