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    <Midlife Crisis> recruiting for classic progression!HC players! PvE guild on PVP serv

    Originally named Immortal on Boulderfist, we are a guild of around 20 core members who decided to continue raiding together throughout many expansions and many classic private servers (Scriptcraft,Q gaming,Scriptcraft 2) where we have achieved the status of one of the server's leading guilds. Obviously, having significant and in-depth knowledge of each other's playstyle and strengths we are in an optimum position to progress quickly once Classic is released - perhaps even faster than we have previously. That said, while we view progression as an important part of raiding, what is paramount to that is enjoyment- a happy player is a productive player and thus keeping a happy and content core of raiders ensures the future of progression. Our player base mainly consists of European players as we raid at European raiding times.

    Small clarification, even though we are PVE guild, we will be playing on a PVP server!

    While the majority of our core spots are filled in, we do have a few gaps in our guild roster. We are aiming to recruit a certain amount of active, skilled and dedicated players with long term goals on what seems to be the most anticipated game release in a long time. After years of playing together and being recognized as one of top guilds on previous servers, we plan to proceed here with high aspirations. In addition, we are currently also in negotiation for the sponsorship option for our players.

    What we offer
    - A website -updated regularly (we expect members to check daily for updates)
    - Voice servers - with the capability of hosting more than 60 players
    - Clear leadership - mature, organized and professional
    - A stable raiding core - who have raided with each other for several years with a synchronization which is unparalleled
    - Enjoyment- World of Warcraft is a game and supposed to be enjoyed. While raiding is a serious part of the game, it should still be enjoyed - which is made easy in good company
    - Knowledge - our officers, class leaders and players have extensive knowledge of classes and raiding.
    - Experience -in both raiding and raid-leading on retail and private servers for the past 13 years

    As stated above, we provide an organized and professional level of gaming and raiding, via the infrastructure of the guild council. We believe Classic return will be WoW at its finest - in every aspect and want people to re-live the past experiences and enjoy it to the fullest - aided to a large extent by a productive guild and a pleasant environment. The mentality of team spirit is paramount in the guild; everyone works for everyone else. If you need help simply ask and guildmates will hop to your aid. Having satisfied guildmates is the biggest aspiration a guild could have.
    Our community is organized in the manner of which guild members have insight and information about any topic or issue related to the guild. Meaning information about raids, modifications and updates will be given in a timely fashion, allowing all members to construct their playing time in advance thus make it more productive.

    What we expect from you
    - Dedication -The bosses aren't supposed to roll over and give free loot - you have to work for it. We expect a dedication to your guild and guild-mates in the vein of working together towards a goal.
    - Team spirit -we go to great lengths to help each other out as a guild and expect you to be willing to do the same for others.
    - Focus -during raiding we require 100% focus from the first pull to the last pull.
    - Maturity -we expect you to show maturity when handling loot distribution and your behavior in the guild
    - Clarity -we'll always tell you the truth, so we expect the same dignity from you.
    - Positive outlook -wiping is a part of wow raiding, don't give up if it's not a one shot attempt.
    - Flexibility -Your ability to accept remarks, change your playstyle, improve and accommodate to guild's needs.
    - Respecting rules -Once you join us,you fully accept our rules,hence the responsibility towards them.

    Our recruitment goals
    Since we have stable core of active players we will initially only be recruiting a limited number of dedicated players of the classes we require. While it is evidently important to fill all raids slots, we view the quality of our players being far more important than quantity. A smaller guild of elite players with discipline is far more effective than a significantly larger guild of players with oversubscribed raids. We will only accept players that are like-minded in terms of attitude to the game and raiding ambitions.
    As further content is released and our initial recruitment period is over, we will being a new phase of recruitment for progression -though our requirements will remain throughout our time on a new server.For now quality will be more important than quantity and for the leveling period ,we will recruit only around 10 players,the ones that will finish their recruiting process before the Classic is released,and already know what needs to be done from the first step they make on a new server

    How do I apply?

    (We are sure that we are able to meet the standards we have set out above - please make sure you do too before applying!)
    1. Check the above-mentioned information thoroughly. Be sure that it fits your aspirations and playstyle.
    1. Having perused the rules and being certain you are able to accept and abide by them, add DaddySupreme#9391 and contact me.
    2. You must set up the voice client (Discord).
    3. You will be required to have a short interview with one of our guild council members. The aim of this is for you to get to know us and vice versa. You will have the opportunity to give your schedule and generally discuss any topic that is game or guild related.
    4. Wait for the final verdict of your application and interview. Should you be accepted – welcome to the guild!

    We thoroughly look forward to welcoming new applicants and are highly anticipating the release of Classic WoW
    With kind regards,
    -The guild council of Midlife Crisis

    - - - Updated - - -

    2 Priest spots, 1 rogue, 2 dps warriors, 1 druid

    - - - Updated - - -

    2 priests spots ,1 rogue ,1 druid , 2 dps warriors
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