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    got a young wolfdog with to much energy
    boxes dont last long ect occasionally he manages to get his paws on my headphone to when i'm not arround (5th one in 15months roughly)

    and got house improvement going on and starting more soon so cba until its finished
    (new electricity + different heating then painting)

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    My desk is looking pretty bad right now, but the rest of the house is in order.

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    Could be tidier but I'd say I'm reasonably clean, just a bit lazy maybe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasulis View Post
    Sam, our old Maine Coon cat, is shedding. Which is normal this time of the year. What is not normal is that we have a young very mischievous black Balinese cat. She loves to play tag and wrestle with old Sam, and we ended up with his hairs all over the house. So, yeah.
    Should get a Roomba. My pets shed all the time and having that thing has made it so much better. There’s way less fur on the floors and I’ve even noticed less dust on surfaces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostpanther View Post
    Lol! At least you are being honest.

    I think there are extremes on both sides. Those who live like human pigs and those who want to live like they are in a sterile laboratory. I consider myself to be one of the middle ground people. I want my home to feel cozy and not get overly excited or concerned if a dirty glass is still sitting on the kitchen counter in the morning.
    I'm usually middle ground as well, but yesterday I just wasn't having any of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    you sound like my sister.
    I'll do my chores later GOSH!!
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    My room is messy af right now , exams week so I'm not bothering much tidying and washing clothes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayirasi View Post
    I'm usually middle ground as well, but yesterday I just wasn't having any of it.

    I'll do my chores later GOSH!!
    yep exactly like her.
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    I just took a shit on the floor, what do you think? These kind of questions are so weird. Oh man I like the internet. Imagine asking this in person. "Hey! My name is Jake, nice to meet you. So how messy is your home right now"?

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    It's in a state of controlled chaos.
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    Everything but my office is clean and tidy. My office is . . . Creative chaos!

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    Very messy. I just moved and I am remodeling part of the house so I can't even really start unpacking and putting things where they are supposed to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    Mine isn't too bad , nothing on the floor , table could do with sorting out
    not at all, I can't stand clutter and filth
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    Don't know, most of us people who are around 33 cannot afford houses let alone apartments. Wages today plus costs are insane. I will probably never own a home.

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    Go clean your room. Moms orders.

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    Cleanish? I have a house keeper that comes every other week. She’s coming Monday. I can’t stand cleaning, better to hire someone to take care of it for me.

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