Fate | NA PST - PvP | Community First | Serious Mindset

Thursday & Friday
Loot Matrix/Loot Council

Fate is a vision of mine: To create a Classic World of Warcraft PvP Community that values its people first, and progression second. One that gets the job done, but doesn’t use buzzwords, or treat people like meat to fill a raid group. An organized group with a sensible structure that puts our community and friendships first. More than a band of brothers and sisters, this will become the masters of our own fate.

I'm anticipating raids for the single team starting start in November/December. Raids will have a 10-15min Break partway through. A third day, Saturday, is reserved for World PvP and Premades. I'm looking for community oriented people with a serious mindset that want to get in on something that's just a little bit different. There are no cliques here, no previous guilds, and no group of real life friends that have been gaming together since the womb - It's just us. And we're going to have a good time doing things our own way.

Questions?? Want to chat?
Message me directly:
Discord: Polarus#3461
Battle.net: Polarus#11759