[H][Classic]|US PST|PVP|Mon Tues Fri 6-10pm|Blackrock Candy Co.|

Introduction: We are a mostly casual, semi hard-core raiding guild. We take raiding seriously and plan to clear content as it comes out. However, if you want world firsts or to be the top everything, everywhere, at all times, this is probably not the guild for you. This is a game and you shouldn't be expected to ruin your marriage, or alienate your neck beard friends for the sake of server firsts.

Recruitment: Blackrock Candy Foundation is now recruiting young women between the ages of 18 & 22. Must be a non smoker, non ugly, and non fat. Benefits include room, board, a GOLD GUIDE and birth control. Obviously, I'm kidding but you should be competent, have a pulse and a sense of humor.

Expectations: We expect you to show up with consumables and know your rotation, curses etc.

Schedule: Tues, Thursday and Friday 6pm to 10pm.

Loot: Modified Dkp System

Discord: We are going to run everything through discord to keep it super simple for our raiders, so no digging through or signing up for websites and all of that.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!