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My problem is, that i don't feel like a part of the group, if everybody else is just storming the castle.

Its like gathering wolfs in current AV. Sure its cool to send off wolf riders, but by the time you feel like you have done something, everybody is already at the boss. The act of upgrading troops, unlocking new troops(capturing stables/elements) and even upgrading to tier 3 main building feels like donating things in AV. The act is quite pointless in the end and you are kinda not a part of the party. Everybody is doing something very active, taking points and clearing waves, while i am just going up and down the mine, again and again, waiting for ore to spawn, or running along the ridge of the map taking down trees, capping out fast, returning to camp and repeat.

So i get that you feel like you are playing for the group, but not only do i not really feel part of the group, but i also feel like i am clearly making the less fun and interactive role when getting resourses.
Honestly I don't really feel they are doing anything active as things are now. The tank is being fairly active, the others not so much because in most areas there is just not much to avoid.