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    A year is ridiculous, half a year at most is tolerable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    People dont want those things so thats a waste of time
    You don't speak for everyone here.

    Anyways, I would wait 1, no, 2 years for a brand new polished expansion focused on making classes fun again. I'm finally working with a full-time job and more responsibilities, i don't mind a long long wait if that's what it takes to make my character playable.

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    I remember the end of Legion, and I was pretty annoyed that BfA is coming so fast because I still had gazillions of things to do and collect. Wouldn't mind getting more time to do it at the end of BfA.

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    Since i'm not playing WoW right now anyway sure why not. Give them more time to make the game good again.

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    No, because I don't think there's a relationship between time to ship and the final product. Mostly, expansions last 2 years and they start before that at least for design so time is fine (unless you've hated the last like, 6 expansions). It's the design direction that's the issue and more time to develop won't help that.

    AS for things like class fixes etc... they got feedback on that in alpha and beta and ignored it until mid expansion. Again, time to dev wasn't the issue, listening and reacting was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khazmodan View Post
    very good point, I remember hearing about people spending hundreds of thousands of gold on matts for raiding.
    Yeah and don't forget everything was for gold sink and yet the table missions and that gear for 50g per wq was insane if you have an army of alts. Honestly I am glad the mats aren't expensive(even during the beginning of the expansion was in a nice spot for price)
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    No, she is my waifu. Stop posting and delete this thread immediately.
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    Voted Baine because... Well, Baine. Total nonsensical character, looks like World War II Italy, nobody really understands what role he's supposed to fill, not even himself

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    I mean, I'd be okay with it if I was playing, which I'm not, but like... if you mean a year with no content, then I feel like I've always felt: Blizzard shouldn't be in a position where they need to do "take time off" from making content in the game to make an expansion. They're a huge rich company with a lot of devs, and the fact that they have to always do that when making an expansion (or even just huge patches) shows a huge flaw with the way in which content in WoW is designed, IMHO.

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