Guild: Exitium
Server: US-Mal’Ganis
Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday 9:30PM-12AM EST
WoW Progress:
Raider IO:

<Exitium> was founded during Wrath of the Lich King by players who have been around since vanilla. We are looking for players who are knowledgeable of their class, can handle feedback, and are serious about raid progression.

Rules and Information
  • No drama
  • No talking during pulls unless the fight requires it
  • We provide repairs for raiders, as well as consumables such as flasks, potions, and food
  • Invites for raid go out around 10 minutes before the official start of the raid (9:30PM EST). We want you to be ready by 9:30PM EST.
  • If you will or think you will run more than a few minutes late, please let an officer know
  • We do expect a good attendance rate, however we understand that other things may come up. If you are unable to attend a raid, please let an officer know or post in the appropriate Discord channel.
  • You keep your loot. If you do not need it, trade it to an officer for them to call a roll for the item.

  • Class knowledge
  • Raid knowledge and experience
  • Ability to handle feedback and constructive criticism
  • Self-awareness and ability to own up to mistakes
  • Ability to listen and take instructions
  • Serious about progression
  • 410 ilvl by the opening of the Eternal Palace raid
  • Exorsus Raid Tools, Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or similar, WeakAuras

If you are interested or have any questions, you can message me here, or one of us over on Discord:
whip#6125 (me)
Stoll#4865 (guild/raid leader)