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    World Spells?

    So yknow how PVP talents can add schnazzy new abilities without affecting PVE gameplay?

    They should add spells that can only be used in the open world. They could play on the classic fantasy of learning spells from trainers by including NPCs throughout the world, like a druid who can teach you that symbiote thing from a few expansions ago. Intimidating shout, exorcism, basically all of the pruned abilities could be put to use again in quests, maybe even the spells from the Legion artifacts?

    I'd buy it.

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    Im only the Saviour of Azeroth, it totally makes sense for me to go to some no name warrior trainer and learn how to shout, or cast exorcism, something I learned how to do years ago. I only lead my entire class order through the worlds darkest time in living memory. Yes makes complete sense to go to some level 20 npc and relearn something I already know/knew.

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    They're rather schizophrenic about these things.

    On the one hand, they've been vehemently opposed to having different skill sets for different kinds of content. In the latest developer talk, Ion specifically mentioned one of their goals is to have you go wherever, and know everything that you can do because it's the same from all the other types of conent.

    On the other hand, they have PvP talents, which you can also use in PvE (WM). Which is kind of a half-assed way of not doing either PvP or PvE justice.

    As for your idea... what's the point? Just class fantasy? There's already some spells you can learn like that, usually from books sold by order hall NPCs.

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    World in spells that actually work in the real world? I think i saw a guy cast a fireball once.
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    Its a neat idea and I am fair sure that it is the idea behind the zone specific stuff on Benthic gear for example. If the implementation of it in Naz'jatar n Mechagon goes well I reckon we will see a lot more of it going forward.

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    Neat idea but would think a little larger picture.

    Maybe Charge on a Paladin?

    Scrolls of Wisdom that with a limited amount (maximum 1-2) could give us a very rare chance to obtain an ability from another class. Blinking Rogues?

    I know my idea sounds dumb as hell but just always thought in World Content that maybe one could utilize more resources. Ghost Wolf Warrior?

    I'm talking about the non-damaging abilities to be echoed out. Grappling Hook Monk?

    Just could be fun to share some of the more fun abilities. Heroic Leap Hunter?
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    Honestly this sounds like Ashran in a way, where each class had their own "tome" for a random ability.

    Which honestly was probably one of the best parts of Ashran, finding a random player alone and then banishing them to jail as a paladin after they trinketed out of my first stun.

    I would love for them to expand on that system, especially for War Mode.

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