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    Legacy games

    When you buy legacy console games do you prefer legit copies or do you buy the repro copies?

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    I think legacy games (I understand we are talking here about retro) are usually seen as part of the collection, not just the game itself. Although some probably only want to play and then there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars for one retro game.

    I have several legit games for NES in my collection because they were an important part of my childhood. But newer games I buy in possible cheapest edition

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    In the scheme of things, I guess it really doesn't matter. A ROM is a ROM, whether an original cartridge / disk or an EverDrive or copy.

    The important thing for me is to have an original console and controller(s).

    The timing with reproduction systems is generally off. HDMI lag doesn't help. Controller lag doesn't do me any favors either. While there are sometimes ways to compensate for the lag, my childhood games only feel authentic when played on the original system they were intended for. With an original controller.

    That being said, I kind of like having the original legacy / retro games because of their box art and manuals. Plus inserting the actual cartridge, taking it out to blow on it, then putting it back in is .. strangely .. special.

    I tried retro games on my PC, as well as other consoles .. but the real magic is having the original hardware.

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