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    New player in 8.2

    Hi, I have a friend who doesn't have a ton of time to play and just wants to enjoy the story - he is currently done with 2 zones (Nazmir and vol'dun horde side). To continue the story in sequence at 8.2, does it still flow like this?

    1. Finish Zanadalar zone
    2. Complete 3 war campaign zone stories
    3. Finish Mythrax attacking City and breaking seal
    4. Uldiir raid (optional)
    5. 8.1 war campaign
    6. Battle for Daz'alor raid (optional)
    7. 8.2 war campaign/nazjatar/mechadon

    Does 8.2 change the order - like remove the need to have 3 zones completed or rep for the war campaign stories? I'd like him to be able to just go through the story in sequence, but cut out any grinds if possible.


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    According to the survival guide you are only required to be 120 and have unlocked World Quests to get the summons for Nazjatar.
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    Correct, but you would skip the 8.0 and 8.1 storyline so it would be a bit confusing I think. I was just hoping that the rep grind wouldn't be needed at all, so he can just go through the 10 odd hours of questing to catch up and then dive into 8.2 story.

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    I don't know personally the order but I know I am doing the 8.0 war campaign then the 8.1 campaign and then 8.2 campaign in that order. But before doing the war campaign, I will be doing all 3 horde zones horde side on my horde toon (as well as all 3 ally zones on ally side on my ally main toon) and then doing the scenario with Mythrax and the seal stuff (the Jaina stuff for ally main toon), then doing war campaigns.

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    HIJACKING THIS THREAD - don’t see the point in making a new 1.

    Firstly I apologies because I know these posts are boring but who better to ask.

    I’m pretty close to returning. I have a few questions.

    Highest character is something like level 116.

    1. What races of the new allied races are currently available after doing all the rep grinds?
    2. What are the best current websites on optimizing your class, talents, rotation, that sort of thing?
    3. I want to jump into the newest content, as patch 8.2 lands tomorrow and I know the islands have catch up gear, what do I need to do before I can go there and start getting the gear at max lvl?
    4. Azerite system - I know nothing about this, can someone link the best guide to explain it and also offer any tips on acquiring it to catch up.
    5. Lastly any advice on a returning player who hasn’t played the game since WOTLK apart from casually here and there for a few weeks which was just generally leveling.

    Please no “don’t bother the game sucks” posts. I want to try the game out for myself and make my own mind up.


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    Just popping in:

    War campaign questlines have been unattached from rep progression with 7th Legion/Honorbound since 8.1. You will easily have enough rep with that faction to unlock Mag'har and Dark Iron Dwarves by the time you finish the War Campaign quests up to the end of 8.2's War Campaign, faster if you also do a full round of world quests in the other faction's continent and keep up on invasions.


    1. Void elf (Argussian Reach, Argus), Lightforged Draenei (Army of Light, Argus), Dark Iron Dwarf (7th Legion, Kul'Tiras/Zandalar), Kul'Tiran (Proudmoore Admiralty, Kul'Tiras), Nightborne (Nightfallen, Suramar), Highmountain Tauren (Highmountain, Highmountain), Mag'har Orcs (Honorbound, Kul'Tiras/Zandalar), Zandalari Trolls (Zandalari Empire, Zandalar)

    2. Not sure. The class forums here and the WoW subreddit are good starting points.

    3. Farm rares in Arathi/Darkshore for an easy set of epic gear. Heroics/Mythic+0 and Warfronts are also good options to gear up quickly.

    4. It's a bit of a mess right now. WoWhead has a guide so that's probably a good place to start.

    5. You're going to have to completely relearn your class. Large-scale changes have been made to every spec since WotLK. Take your time level grinding to try out all three specs and pick the one you like best; you can worry about min/maxing the best spec and talent build once you hit 120.
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