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    Thought Experiment for Future Class Design- Warrior

    Ion said it.

    They will let specs share many more abilities than before. So, let's try to decide what every warrior in the game shoud have access to.

    You can suggest any ability that class now has or have had before. When they are added together, we should have a working skeleton of

    a class that still has room for spec- specific abilities.

    If you think a skill mentioned on any post doesn't belong to shared movepool, try to explain which spec should get it and why.

    Let's have fun.

    • Taunt
    • slam
    • Charge
    • Shield Block
    • Avatar
    • Dragon Roar
    • Rend
    • Demoralizing Shout
    • Pummel
    • Execute
    • Whirlwind
    • Last Stand

    What else?

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    Any abilities warriors should not have are their lvl 40 talents, Mortal strike, Bloodthirst and shield slam

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    Not mentioning Heroic Strike.


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