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    Unholy State

    I quit Wow about 6 months ago, been playing GW2, had an itch to come back.. I was planning on continuing my UH DK.. I was just wondering if i wanted to be competitive (not world top, server first), should i ? Are they normally ignored in M+/Heroic Raid content these days based on the fights ? Thanks

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    UH DKs are pretty amazing in M+ - while they were utterly trash in the latest tier. 8.2 brings some minor buffs, however, highly unlikely that they will be as good as Frost on ST.

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    Uh DK aoe in m+ is by far the best, to the point that it can be considered broken (requires whole group effort to pull out some crazy numbers though). Unfortunately it doesn't work in every dungeon with every affix therefore hard core m+ teams will chose specs that are more consistent with dmg, with better utility and survivability (rogues, dhs, monks).

    In raid both specs are lower tier.

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    Numbers should get better after 8.2 hits on tuesday/wednesday since we're getting some decent buffs.

    And at the tier you want to raid at you shouldn't have any problems anyway. Guilds are struggling for raiders of any class currently due to leavers from raid/expansion fatigue.
    Better be quick though since many might return once Eternal Palace opens.
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