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    Quote Originally Posted by razz0r View Post
    nah less furries and more elves the game needs at least 7 flavors of elf on each faction!

    Quote Originally Posted by dead moose fandango View Post
    no more eeeelves!
    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    I love how many people go the "fuck feminism!! ruining society!" Never change, "/r/incels" champion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dead Moose Fandango View Post
    No more eeeelves!
    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTenko View Post
    Not gonna happen because Blizzard is gonna say "it's to hard to make a female model". Because they're terrified of creating females who are not cutesexy and disappointing the wanker segment of the playerbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Let’s just fill both sides with pointless allied races, because why not?

    God I hate this system so much.
    Agree 1000000% about this.

    I always "hoped for" some sort of allied/sub races. But not as we have them today.
    More like extra customization for current races (like, instead of DI dwarves, we got Wildhammer ones (which, kinda, is more logical after all)) - and it would be done in such manner that we have tattoos, extra trinkets, beard styles... etc, etc, etc.....
    90% of "allied races" could be done that way (mag'har, hm taurens, di dwarves, lf draenei... etc, etc) and I still do believe that nightfallen should be neutral race, just like pandas are.

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    I don't think they'd be a good "worgen" allied race, but I've always wanted playable gnolls lead by Hogger. He's the villain that deserved redemption, not Illidan.

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    Are Gnolls friendly though lorewise, I thought they werent friendly to horde or alliance, and to be honest I see this all the time, I still think there needs to be non playable races outside of the alliance and horde, that are friendly to neither, I think only clear cut allies should become part of these two factions.

    One thing I feel they should have done is just to create subraces, instead of whole new races, for example, dwarf has a dropdown showing a selection of tribes you can pick to play, if its your first 'wildhammer' as an example, you should start at 20 and have to complete a unique set of quests, that can fill you in with the lore etc. I think the idea of needing repuation with a faction to play as them is ridiculous and counter intiutive, isnt allied races supposed to be an incentive to come back to the game and play again? Not an incentive to come back and grind for weeks/months to unlock them. I think a simple quest unlock should be the answer, or like i said, when you create that race you just do a short questline upon creating them. But yeah I think they should focus on filling out the existing races with variety and giving them character and story, there are so many trolls and dwarves, not all are friendly but many should be options to play as and they are focusing on silly new races like Vulpera and others saying they want races like Jinyu etc, I mean for gods sake, the game has been out how long and we still cant even play Ogre who are an absolute bread and butter horde race.

    Another reason id love to see that is because it can add so much life to factions that are unattractive to people. For example, you can argue Jinyu or another new alliance race might attract horde players to play them, but in my case as an example, Id happily play a human or an elf, just not the standard ones we have now, for me they are ugly. A great example of this for me is Draenei, I remember seeing an old supposed 'original' concept art for what they were supposed to look like in world of warcraft, they were much more demonic looking with scales and horns, their hooves were much more long and animalistic and they looked absolutely amazing, id love to play a draenei that had a bit more of that in them but not the current ones because they are absolutely ugly in my eyes, and the lightforged are the same.

    But yeah lets be honest the idea you need to grind to exalted is the main problem with allied races, and the only people who defend it are those who have played the whole of BFA and obviously dont see issues with anything because they get it all done anyway. Allied races should be a fantastic reason to resub. Only reason I havent played all BFA is because I hated it at the start and all the grindy azerite rubbish, and I couldnt play Maghar, nor could I be bothered logging in daily to grind their rep, none of it is fun. I should be able to resub right now and create my maghar and get stuck into the game but nope, guess its better to have people not resub..

    Not sure if I can add links but here is the concept art of the draenei -
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    That draenei looks awesome, I wish they looked like that in game!

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