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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    What is OG?

    Only 3 things I did that weren't straight and narrow:
    - I slapped a good friend across the face once (she could really get on your nerves).
    - I stole some marbles from the toy shop.
    - I skipped class once, but only because everyone did. We watched an ice skating championship in our in-school movie theater. Everyone got in trouble, but me. We had to clean gum from underneath the tables and chairs, and from the schoolyard, and sweep it, but I was on good terms with the janitor that had to watch us, so he let me go home instead

    So yeah. I wasn't much of a troublemaker.
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    I always did well in school grade wise ( it was brain dead) but I enjoyed my LSD and ecstasy, naturally I learned that if I sell 10 I get 3 for me, plus my parents always had so much pot and mushrooms in the house it was easy to take a little and make money etc. I also was always mouthy as a kid and liked to fight/bully.

    So definitely "teenage dirtbag"

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    goody two shoes. About the worst I got was talking to dudes I met on the internet. Who were likely pedos so when my parents found out, mom flipped lol.

    Had some tastes of beer and wine, but that's legal under parental supervision in Texas.

    I was too busy fighting with anxiety / depression to be a trouble kid.

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    I lived in a shithole and saw first hand what trouble means. I also saw where peer-pressure leads.
    And I didn't want any of that stuff.

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    Good try but the statute of limitations has long since past so I'm clear and I admit nothing. muahaha

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    I was on the straight and narrow up until high school. I went overboard compared to my older self there - curfew breaking, boozing, cheating at tests. I've mostly straightened up again since. I jaywalk all the time, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    I jaywalk all the time, though.
    You monster.

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    I was pretty damn good as a kid.
    I stole a few things when I was young. Magazines, lighters cheap stuff like that.
    Didn't drink or smoke pot till 17.
    Didn't have sex till 19.

    To be honest, as an adult I am not much different.
    I am 34 and I've had on had 2 speeding tickets.
    Never been arrested or gone to jail.
    Never stolen anything of significant value from someone.

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    Practically angelic.

    Saintly even.

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    Strait and narrow for the most part, we did start drinking around 17 but under parental supervision and only at specific places (close friends or at home) then I quit drinking around 20 and that is about as bad as it gets aside from downloading music and games illegally but mostly everyone did that.
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    Straight and Narrow. Like any teen I did some things, but it was incredibly infrequent. The worst was not doing chores regularly.

    Now my parents do say I'm borderline 'Mormon' when it comes to drinking/drugs like cigarettes/pot. IDK why but my dynamic with my mom was always the act of straight man. She's more of a 'have fun' type, while I'm apparently the hardass.

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    Compared to the responses so far on MMOC? I'm a horrible person.
    Compared to my peers at the time? I was a god damned saint.

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