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    Poor Kyrie. Couldn't have happened to a better human.
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    Are these resisters actually contributing to our country and paying their taxes? Or are they freeloading?

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    Chris Paul and Devin Booker are what we thought Chris Paul and James Harden were going to be.

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    Poor Kyrie. Couldn't have happened to a better human.
    I live near New York City. I know one guy who is a Nets fan, but the vast majority are just rooting against Kyrie. I guess people in Brooklyn root for them, idk.

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    This could change the game.
    Every single wow player should always try to make their own groups. Then you'd just have thousands of groups in group finder, without a single applicant.

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    Jazz look like they’re about to get reverse swept. Did I miss an injury?
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    I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but sometimes I say things that are kind of dumb
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    I just like reading about the "vigorous rubbing" that might affect ball inflation.

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    Jazz look like they’re about to get reverse swept. Did I miss an injury?
    Mike Conley has been out the whole series, but no new injuries, no. It looked like Donovan aggravated his ankle during Game 3 but he has still been playing and producing.

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    If Kevin Durant is going to play like THAT the rest of these playoffs, then it;s just game over.

    Injuries though.

    I hate the Nets, but they certainly deserve it with KD playing like that, but even KD can't keep this up for the whole rest of the playoffs, he's going to need help at points so either Kyrie or Harden needs to get better and start playing well.

    Not every team is just flat out going to forget how to play offensive basketball though. @Scrod had a point last page. Bucks have been underperforming for a bit now and its got them on the brink of being knocked out.

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