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    half-races are always bad generaly, people will start demand more and more variations and option and its fucked, there is no necessity at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    Imagine tauren-sized gnomes O_o
    Hum, can you get the size right for gnome-sized tauren with the right toys?

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    There are only very specific instances where I feel like this would work. Certain combinations already exist in the lore so I don't see why they can't add them as a cosmetic thing. That said I feel like this opens a can of worms because it has the potential to throw racials out of whack. Unless they just force it on you or you make a one time choice you would see half-elfs running around with either human or elf racials.

    Personally I am all for more customization no matter how small or slight it might be but I doubt we ever see it. Blizzard has a weird thing with control in WoW and I will never understand it. The fact it has taken them this long to open up xmog the way it is now is telling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prozach View Post
    Instead of introducing all of these other new races that have someone been hidden for millennia, why not create like Tauren/Troll hybrids or Gnome/Worgen and so on? I mean, after sharing the same planet for so long, you'd think that sort of thing would be inevitable. And they have Garona already, so it's sort of already been put out there.

    Think about the cool race combinations and abilities you could get by mixing some of the existing races. A brutal tusked AND horned Troll/Tauren or a burly Dwarf/Dranei with fiery red hair. Or what about cross-faction even? I mean Garona is half Dranei, half Orc, right? So you could potentially have a half Gnome, half Tauren that'd be some kind of magical satyr type thing?

    Anyway, been thinking about this for a while and I've never seen/heard of anyone even considering it. Why the hell not?
    They're usually ill represented in Warcraft, and it doesn't really make much of a difference anyways.

    The only true 'hybrid' races we have are Mok'nathal. Half Elves and Half Orc/Draenei end up getting represented by Elf and Orc model only.

    Gnome Worgen and Tauren-Trolls would just be represented with one model or the other. And if you want actual art to go with these concepts; well there's better things to spend time and effort on than hybrid races. Like... actual new races.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendark View Post
    No that's a bad idea. Most would look really dumb.
    Rexxar would like to have a word with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    It's canon that the worgen curse is not passed down to children, for some reason. Never mind the implication that the whole worgen "race" will only last one generation.

    Are those stripes supposed to be her Draenei heritage? I assumed they were just tats. At least give her some tiny horns or something.
    Well I never said it was a good RP just exists

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    We are.

    Not to mention that Vrykul are basically larger humans, so they'd be closer than chimpanzees. Humans didn't significantly change outside of size.
    We aren't the same, we were the same. Things have changed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorotia View Post
    We aren't the same, we were the same. Things have changed...
    We are the same. The only reason they're being differentiated is because humans didn't want it to be true, but genetics don't care.

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