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    I got mine Wednesday night. So, it took me a week and a day. I also didn't do any pet battles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Agagin, this claim is BS as peopel left for a variety of reasons, the bigger one beingt lack of content in WoD. People need to stop repeating this BS claim because it isn't true no motter how many times you repeat it.
    Uh. No. Ion let it leak that he likes the way is currently going and he can foresee not having flying the rest of WOD or any future expacs. He dangled the carrot and played his card. The community was in uproar, and pathfinder was born. Sub numbers were already dropping because of the crap show that was WOD, the mass exodus happened after the flying announcement. There are plenty of archived reddit threads about it. You want to know why people keep repeating this, because its true, no matter how many times you deny it.

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