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    Regarding real life: technology.

    The more technology advances the easier things in life become. Things become more convenient for people for example apps like Grub Hub taking food orders from people to deliver food from all kinds of different restaurants. Saves them the hassle of walking out to their car, driving to the restaurant and communicating with other humans to order food. Basically technology is making it so people don't have to leave their homes anymore. Just whip out your smartphone and do everything on there. Also social media has been one of the biggest cancers to society ever. People are more interested in the attention they get from posting selfies and the food they're about to eat and getting likes than having actual human interaction with friends and family.

    Regarding video games, more specifically WoW: lack of community and interaction with other players.

    Over the years WoW has turned into a game where you are more anonymous than ever before. Before the servers merged, you had an identity and a reputation to uphold. The more you grouped up with people and talked to people the bigger your reputation would get. You were like one in a small neighborhood of players. Now you are one amongst people from all over the world. What you say in general or trade chat won't matter because the next day it'll be a whole new assortment of people you'll be with. I miss the days where servers felt like a home and in that home you had your roommates. Sure they would be annoying as fuck sometimes but you felt like you were part of something. Now you're nobody.

    So talking to people on WoW nowadays feels pointless because you're with different people all the time, just constantly being shuffled around so relationships are impossible to form. With this kind of system being in the game for as long as it has people have just grown accustomed to just getting their shit done as fast as possible so they can move on to whatever else they want to do.

    I can assure you though that if you ever get grouped up with me I would say hi back. I may be introvert and anti-social in real life but in WoW I welcome conversations. Helps break up the monotony of things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Why Am I Here View Post
    Why are people becoming so anti social?

    It is easier than dealing with costly mood swings.
    You cared enough to post.

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    I don't think social media or video games have anything to do with it. People are assholes to each other, phony shallow and overall annoying to be around. Social media and multi-player games have made people more aware of this. They don't want to put up with each other anymore. I for one don't want to put up with anyone's behavior. I don't want to do what they want to do. I want to do what I want to do.

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    draenei hussies corrupting society.
    r.i.p. alleria. 1997-2017. blizzard ruined alleria forever. blizz assassinated alleria's character and appearance.
    i will never forgive you for this blizzard.

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    There's more choice and people choose what they like. For all your "all inclusive, generic" events i will give you Untold, Burning Man, basically any music festival that's full over the top, football matches or in your case maybe NHL? People go to what they like. It's the same for my town, they hold some run of the mill shows with 2nd grade artists and half assed stands and wonder why people aren't interested.

    Video games: You have been playing the wrong games . WoW was social but auto queue killed that a little, the only real social interaction you get now in WoW is from Roleplaying.
    I play another mmo , sailing one . People talk there constantly because there's not much else you can do while waiting to sail from Amsterdam to Seville.

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    People wanna spend their money and time on something else. Better save the money and travel for a nice vacation overseas with your SO. At least that's how I think. Maybe that's how my generation thinks.

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    @OP, I found an Onion article that was tailor-made for you:

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    draenei hussies corrupting society.
    Promises, promises.

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