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    Smile I started an Eternal Palace Guide-Sheet

    I started a Eternal Palace Guide
    I created a guide sheet based off Yunosee-Blackhand-EU(muell0r) guides from the previous two tiers

    Eternal Palace Link:
    *going to have to copy paste this link into browser since I am unable to post links yet

    Current Goal:
    Provide a basic understanding of the mechanics and the encounter.

    Please let me know of anything that is not clear or doesn't make sense.
    Also, I am open to anything you guys can think of that would make this sheet better.

    All bosses are complete for heroic difficulty with the exception of Queen Azshara.
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    I like your guide, it's simplistic and has all the necessary info

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    Thank you very much! I'll use your sheet along with icy veins ^^

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