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    It was already nerfed once before, I think during MoP, might've been cata. You used to get all the gold from each boss, not just what your share would've been with a full group (ex. TBC raids gave 10g/person with a full group, so if you solo'd it, you'd get 250g from each boss in a 25m). I could see it being nerfed again, at least in terms of item value (tokens being worth 50g, weapons ~100g, etc)
    Ye, I used to breeze through it for some extra gold back then. Was like 8k/toon/week or something, which was ok back in Cata (I think it was?). Now, doing doing all this work for 10k or what ever it is, just isn't worth it. Just go pick up herbing, and herb an hour or so and earn as much if not more gold, and it is a lot more relaxing to do.
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    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    I would actually think Blizz would condone gold farming techniques.
    I mean, spend 10-12 hours for 100k plus? That's MAUs and in-game hours, which is what they want, right?
    So, why nerf these methods if people want to sink that much time into the game for it?
    Not that I would, that's just silly.
    Maybe if there was some xmog I felt I needed to have, but not for gold alone, not worth the time.
    10k gold an hour is like $1 an hour for your time in terms of gold to game time cost, and don't tell me you thoroughly enjoy these farming methods; it's a means to a very cheap end that would be better suited in just buying a token and selling it.
    The time it takes to make $20, even at minimum wage in the US, is less than half the time you would put into "earning" the gold in-game.

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