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    What do you think Warped Void Titan look like?

    Shadowy giant?

    bigger tentacle monster?

    or tentacled girl(boy)?
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    If we're talking about Azeroth, Voidform Eonar is what I imagine Blizzard would do.

    But I did like the idea behind some fanart in which Azeroth's features are based on her native humanoid races, mainly troll. So a Voidform version of that.

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    The creature in that second image would be more appropriate for a Void Lord, which is basically a twisted entity of pure evil that seeks to devour the cosmos. I actually don't think that a Void Titan would look like some eldritch, outlandish behemoth. We have already seen a Death Titan and a Fel Titan, and both of them were humanoid creatures and still very much similar to the normal Titans.
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    Probably the standard Titan form - metallic skinned giant humanoid of some extraction, but radiating Void energies as opposed to Arcane, Nature, or Light. Argus the Unmaker would probably be the closest comparison.
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    Not Warped, but Dark Titan

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    Like an MTG Eldrazi

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBogina View Post

    Not Warped, but Dark Titan
    I thought Galactus was a Celestial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Kami Dende View Post
    I thought Galactus was a Celestial?
    And aren't Titan's made out of celestial bodies? ;D

    I'm not too knowledgeable about Marvel's expanded lore, but I think Galactus isn't a Celestial, but possibly an enemy of him. I know that in one iteration, he's said to destroy worlds because they're "eggs" of Celestial, to keep their population in check.

    To me, that sounds like Celestials = Titans and Galactus = Sargeras xD

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    Propably has tentacles and bonus eyes.
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