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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    You realize that the Millennials include everyone born after 1981 so all the third and fourth generation console players and almost all PC gamers?
    Yeah, this perpetual blaming of millennials for everything bad that happens in-game, and otherwise, is getting really old.

    More on topic, what OP is proposing might work, sure, but as a separate game. Something like old-school RTS's such as Majesty FKS, or even Master of Orion 2 - but certainly not as part of WoW. Mission tables are bad enough, even in their current, neutered version.
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    In addressing the OP, there may be an audience for it somewhere. As a previous poster noted - basically you're looking for the equivalent of a movie or watching someone else play. If all you're doing is watching it be played and not actually playing, it ceases to become a game and just becomes a viewing experience. I pray that games never evolve to that level where all you do is press "play" and then sit back and watch the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segus1992 View Post
    Why do you? What's the point of "playing" a game you're not playing? Have we become so simple that rewards without literally any effort is rewarding?
    To be fair, in the games I do play which have auto battle, the hardest stuff is simply not autoable. Mainly because the AI is just too stupid (using skills on CD when you actually would need to use them to iframe incoming attacks for example). Aside from that though, it's basically "Seeing how your team handles (difficult) content", based on the decisions you made earlier: Characters to use, equipment for said character, maybe equipped skills and whatever else there is in terms of management.

    Now if you referred to games where you actually have to grind for god knows how long: Those are just running in the background while I do other stuff. I basically only look at them from time to time to see what I got so far.

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    There are several games like this, go play those and leave WoW as it is. This would only do one thing - shove it further into the dumpster.
    Quote Originally Posted by atenime45 View Post
    The 10% reward. It's was unspoken rule that you DONT attack other faction so everyone could enjoy the 10% reward. But now no one cares about that anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    the overall growing twitch culture vibe
    possibly the worst gaming trend of all time. i've heard people actually argue to me, being completely honest, that it doesn't make sense for them to buy game X, when they could just watch a streamer play X, and "get the same experience"

    designing anything with the twitch aspect as the central focus will result in something i will not touch. not out of principal but because it's boring. i will never understand someone who watches someone else play a video game and finds that to be an adequate replacement for actually playing the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post

    Do you put so much value in the the buttons you've to press all the time? Do you not enjoy gear, story and talent choices? Maybe some people enjoy the latter a whole lot more than pointless rotations and priority button mashing?
    Just direct those people to Twitch or Youtube, they can watch the story and the gameplay there.

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