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    Having some solo content in an MMORPG is fine (I actually prefer solo content these days) but you have to remember that it's not a single player game.

    Legion was an example of why you should never make a single player story where it all revolves around you because it just doesn't mix. It's like trying to keep oil and vinegar together, it just doesn't work. It kept telling you that you're this chosen hero who is the leader of an entire class wielding this legendary, one of a kind weapon yet while they're telling you this you'll see 50 other people running around with the same title and weapon you got. It was stupid and the whole thing just felt pointless. That kind of story telling only works in single player games which again WoW is not.

    While I agree with the idea that it shouldn't be about competition and that WoW shouldn't be an MLG type game I also disagree that it should cater to the more casual players. Hell, that's exactly what Blizzard has been doing for the past 5 years. Contrary to what you believe WoW has actually become one of the most, if not THE most accessible MMOs out there. Especially when compared to MMOs like Final Fantasy 14 and SWoTR. I've been playing WoW for 13 years and I thought those games were complicated to understand. It took some time to get used to it and understand how everything works. There was just so much to learn.

    Also I just have to mention too that what you're asking sounds a bit selfish. Blizzard just can't cater to one group of players. Doing that actually makes the game less accessible because now your excluding the other groups of players. There should be no catering to one group it should be figuring out how to please ALL players.
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    Least accessible? What? wow is super casual and easy to get into today.

    It was much, much more of a hassle back in the day and alot of us wow players didnt know anything. But what happend? We learned, we adapted, we formed groups and guilds to conquer challenges together. We made friends across the whole of Azeroth while venturing out in the world and discovering new monsters to fight, solo or with a group. We made friends with those who mastered the traid of tanking or healing. We made connections with people that had proffessions at a high lvl with patterns we needed. We traded with them, for our own characters boost and our group when venturing into dungeons & raids. We formed premade raids to hunt down the bastards of the horde. Sometimes we won, sometimes we lost.

    We lost together, we won together. We faced frustration, glory and epic lewtz.

    Todays wow? Start at level 1. Solo every mob to max level. IF you join dungeons, one shot everything in under 30 minutes. Meet a rare? nice, just kill it dont need group. Proffesions? lol dont need it. Enchant gear? nah. Pre-raid gear before raid? nah. Pots? Nah. Flasks? Nah. Resistant gear? Nah. Interact with others to clear all content in the game? Nah. Work for obtaining gold? Nah, can buy it. Blizzard introduced a nice mount? Cool, pay 20 dollars and its yours.

    Blizzard has been leaning way to much on making this game MORE solo friendly over the years. They have removed the MMO part, and thats a rather critical part. Heck, I have been playing since classic on and off(whole wod gone) and some small breaks. The last few years I havent had a guild of any meaning. But it obviously does not matter anymore, I clear content that gets released anyway.

    I dont understand why you keep pestering about this. Its clear you really dont want to play a MMORPG and should find something else to play.

    The only thing I agree with is that Blizzard shouldnt focus that much on the esports scene - it doest really bring anything good to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duselsteiner View Post
    I am a customer of Blizzard Entertainment. I play their games for 30 years already, and have always been a fan of the warcraft universe.

    World of Warcraft started in a genre made for hardcore gamers, and opened the MMORPG market to casual gamers, making the game accessible to millions of players regardless their playstyle. Everyone was able to progress their character to endgame level, which was revolutionary for the MMORPG genre.

    Today, i think World of Warcraft is one of the least accessible MMORPGs in comparisons to other. I believe, Blizzard should have developed way faster for a massively fast evolving market. I think that nowadays MMORPGs should mainly cater to the normal player, the casual gamer.

    Yet, Blizzard Entertainment lost that race, and World of Warcraft still limits content to premade groups of players, while the trend in gaming always went towards matchmaking and solo gameplay.

    Yet, Blizzard Entertainment did not evolve World of Warcraft to an evolving community, where you have old players of early WoW now who would never spend their playtime in premade groups or rated gameplay anymore. MMORPGs, unlike group brawlers or battle royale games, do not live from their competition or from their meritocracy, but from story telling and the typical RPG gameplay, where immersion is the most interesting part, where class diversification and choice matters.

    I believe, that World of Warcraft should not be a subject of eSports. Blizzard Entertainment should limit that to their massively successfull group brawler like Overwatch, but should surely not implement or continue to implement a competetive gameplay in a MMORPG.

    If Balance is what matters most in a MMORPG, and if competition and Meritocracy are a developer focus, the game itself loses massively on the part of RPG gameplay. Immersion is lost to fewer options to be competetive. Class diversity and depth is lost to fewer customization because classes need to be competetive in an arena- or mythic dungeon competition.

    What i ask is blizzard to stop trying to force WoW into a competetive gameplay, and cater it to the genre it should be, the RPG genre.

    What i also ask. is to add solo players to the fully adresses crowd, as there already are many solo players playing World of Warcraft lacks the full support for those who would want to play the game as like a RPG. Group play should never be enforced, but always be an option. Raids and dungeons should also be accessible to solo players, without the need to queue up in matchmade groups. An idea would be to be able to hire NPCs to form groups.

    Every feedback i gave to the developers was ignored. I really would like to let blizzard know that even we casual gamers like to voice our opinions, and i am one of them. World of Warcraft should adress an as large audience as possible, and solo players are being adressed poorly currently.
    Tldr, you want nazjatar. Its world content is 100% catered to you.
    Noone forces you to do dungeon or raids, you can always do them a few expansions later if you want to do them solo.

    On another note, I'm a casual myself. Like max 15 hours/week. I clear mythic raids however, as GROUP CONTENT IS THE FREAKING PURPOSE OF A MMORPG!

    Don't want to bother with pre-made groups? Don't join them.
    Don't want to bother with matchmaking (which strangely is part of what you praise in other games), don't do it.
    Want bite-sized content? Play LoL or any FPS game.
    Don't want to bother with other players at all? PLAY A FREAKING SINGLE PLAYER GAME!

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    Imagine playing this game and believing it has relevant competitive content and esports because blizzard is hosting a charity event every once in a while.

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    believe it or not, I knew who made this thread just seeing the title.

    are you not exhausted with this kind of threads ? go make an offline server and play for yourself there.

    honest question tho: do you honestly believe that wow will make 1 month being a single player game?

    edit: I didnt know wow is 30 years old. wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuminaL View Post
    edit: I didnt know wow is 30 years old. wow!
    wow (World of Warcraft) isn't 30 years old. Warcraft (the franchise) is *almost* 30 years old (25 actually).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rozz View Post
    Hey now, I thought we all agreed Hunters sets are consistently the most shit [transmog]. My options are Ed Gein or a power ranger, it's ridiculous.
    English is not my main language, sorry for any grammar errors.

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    As stupid and silly as this post might get, this game actually suffers from esports indirectly.

    M+ having no cap to push competition instead forces players to break the game using cookie cutter comps and cheese strats, and the esports related to it were a snorefest of teams running the same comps doing the same pulls, and had a pretty negative impact on the community just willing to copy that(for example i'll get invited instantly on my prot warrior while i'll strugle to even find a group on my guardian druid for an irrelevant +10 key)

    Meanwhile challenge modes had a capped difficulty, only the time could get better, some teams were using soul cap cheese, multiple tanks, but all of that was for a spot in the ladder and maybe a title, it had no impact on the community as a whole who knew every spec could make it and it was a matter of skill.

    It's also silly to try so hard to push esports on one side, and make the gameplays so dull on the other, reducing more than ever the gap beetween "pros" and the "plebs", to actually work esports need personalities, and when the skill ceiling is so low everyone's highly replaceable, this just won't exist.

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    Motorcycle clubs shouldn’t have motorcycles.

    I’d move away from the MMO genre OP...

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    I'd rather see Blizzard develop a single player RPG set in the Warcraft universe than make WoW more solo player, and this is coming from someone who mainly plays solo at this point.
    Do I really look like a guy with a plan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    Oh good, another one of this guy's threads.

    To those just joining us: don't bother arguing with him. He refuses to participate in any content with other people and will not shake from his position that WoW should be remade so that he can play the entire thing without ever interacting with another human being.
    It usually is unwise to argue with anyone on this site tbh :P.

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    shoving E-sports into wow was one of the reasons of why PVP became such garbage from late TBC and onwards, and they knew what they were doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briselody View Post
    Oh good, another one of this guy's threads.

    To those just joining us: don't bother arguing with him. He refuses to participate in any content with other people and will not shake from his position that WoW should be remade so that he can play the entire thing without ever interacting with another human being.
    thats sort of the point of a forum mate,hes entitled to say what he likes providing its within the rules,if you dont like what he posts it doesnt give you the right to ask others not to join in.

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    Yes to the first part and no to the second part

    Esports is a fucking ridiculous avenue for an MMO. But so is any kind of focus on solo. I'm all right with solo being an option but these games would retain better and remain healthier with a return to group focused play.

    And no not like fucking classic, classic was the dagger that killed group play in favor of shitty solo quests and non-existent difficulty (get as mad as you want classic was popular because it was stupid). I want to go back to dangerous worlds and adventuring parties.

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