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    It can be great if they fix the sharding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misuteri View Post
    Hell, I remember gated dailies in TBC.
    Even worse. Remember in ICC was timegated and heroic Arthas had limited pulls per week? But hey WotLK was the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matildadilda2522 View Post
    Its a Massive Joke
    Starfish quests with no starfish, 3 hours circling the zone only to find 2 starfish. Dont even bother testing your garbage before releasing it to the public. Heroic warfront quests you have to wait weeks to do. Never mind offering weeklies and Normal gear to people that have cleared Mythic, no incentive to do them, And I wont even bother with a huge rant about people using your LFG selling carries with real money, Last I checked that is still s ToS violation.
    Never mind the new zone is barely bigger than stormwind , and is already monotonous.
    Back to star-trek
    Had no issues finding the 10 yesterday. Had issues finding one today though.

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    Patch has only been out a few days so these are initial impressions and obviously could change in time.

    Nazjatar is pretty average for me, more a maze to travel in that's frustrating due to heights making land travel annoying. Trying to get from one place to another might involve having to go round because otherwise you'll fall to your death. Visually it's pretty different, but honestly pretty bland to me. It's got a few points of interest but nothing I really consider spectacular. Mechagon is slightly better, with fewer points of interest but more visually impressive. Both zones have average stories that I can tell so far with Mechagnomes being something I'm just personally not interested in. Nazjatar introduces the Ankoan but I don't really know enough about them yet to really have a solid opinion on them besides they don't like Naga.

    The questing system is Nazjatar for little stories feels strange, finding one or two randomly out of the way with no idea it was there until then as well as the return of Daily Quests alongside World Quests. I really feel like Daily Quests are a step back. World Quests do the exact same thing and it's especially annoying if you keep getting a Quest log is full message. I have enjoyed the matching one. I've been told it's like candy crush but having never played it I have no idea. Also Mechagon with the amount of items it wants you to keep just makes it feel like you're picking up things for the sake of it and feels very cluttered.

    I'm still not sold on Azerite. The new systems is not the Class Specific thing I wanted and the one I got at the start and still have is Kil'jaden's Cunning Legiondary but for me it's a random ball of crap. It's not unique to me being a Death Knight and might as well be a trinket. I'm not a fan so far but I have seen one that looks more interesting so it could just be early paranoia.

    I'm not really impressed with 8.2, most of it feels like a chore to grind flying and not really something I'm doing that I'm interested in but more for the reward. I think the sets for the entire patch are poor besides the Plate PVP/Raid one. I don't play Tauren or Gnome at all and dislike how there is no PVP specific set as in 8.0/8.1 as I liked seeing faction specific sets even if we couldn't get tier gear. I'm concerned about the longevity of this patch as an Altoholic because I don't really want to take an Alt to 8.2 content. I hoping the ilvl boost of Season 3 might make things a little more appealing but Mythic+ Beguiling I'm not looking forward to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    The amount of people thinking OP actually praising 8.2 is too damn high.
    Oh i know hes not still mocking him is fun.8.2 ftw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerovar View Post
    Imagine living in a world where everyone who disagrees with you is "bitching" and therefor is automatically a troll who argues in bad faith.
    "Remember, kids: people who disagree with you are not only wrong, they're evil!"
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    Started playing a bit of it. To me it does feel like steps have been made to solve some of the issues. Though, I'm not sure how well this will hold up in time. I'm still not a big fan of the current play style and not a fan at all of the current class design outside a couple of specializations. Hopefully current player base will be satisfied with the changes, as I doubt anything major will be adjusted before next expansion.

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    It's not bad by any means, but I wouldn't say it's a huge success based off of the first few days.

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