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    Calm down. As the patch ages, the timers will come down /thread
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    If neither Mechagon or Jazjatar are enjoyable for you right now - then WoW is NOT your game.

    I don't expect they will last more than a month or two - but right now, they tick all the boxes that a WoW patch could possibly tick.
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    Ugh, this is the epitome of the community getting what it asked for, but not realizing they didn’t truly want it all along. If there was ever a point where “you think you do but you don’t” was accurate, it’s situations like this.

    The community begged for rares to be rare again. I saw masses genuinely asking for this for some time. Since Legion, when rares would practically spawn again on top of you, at least. Now we get that, and it’s a horrible thing, haha.

    For me personally, their change to the number of rares needed for the quest (dropping it to 1 instead of 3) makes the spawn timers okay. I was never fussed by Legion-style rares to begin with, though. That change also confirms Blizzards intention on keeping this format, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewhan View Post
    Still completing a checklist just now the list is hidden so you can read it.
    Yep. It makes a difference and forces you to look at the game rather than your UI. More of the game should be like this to be honest.

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