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    Because war is inherently a bad thing. Only shitheels and people that profit from war (read: shitheels) want it to continue for the sake of being at war. If players want to have their evil power trip fantasy that's fine, but for this game to have a remotely believable story then the people who seek war have to eventually either cool their shit out or get put down. Otherwise they'd just get dethroned by their people who are tired of being thrown into a meat grinder for their leaders' personal grudges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldielocks View Post
    That’s what I thought you meant, but you didn’t specify lol
    Yeah I should have, majority of players don’t know anything about Warcraft lore. And that makes it really difficult to make a meaningful story especially since most players skip through stuff. Blizzard has been doing better recently with story telling, I think legion and bfa have been much better than wod and mop in terms of story and story telling.

    I’m still waiting to c how bfa turns out to really say if I think it’s good or bad. Sounds like we may be moving away from the horde vs alliance thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty123456 View Post
    Because you can never have a winner and realistically the Alliance would have been able to wipe out the Horde like 500 times.

    Also where the fuck would the story go?
    But...but....but war and death are cool!

    Because there is nothing more exciting than a war we know can't possibly go anywhere real?

    Seriously....people think anything that doesn't mean bloodthirsty killer = pussy. Too busy thinking how cool killing lots of people is that they can't stop and think that there can be no true war or there would be no more game.

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    Blizzard devs are mainly Horde fanboys that's why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kumorii View Post
    Yeah, it's a pretty damn shame. Jainas arc made sense to why she would be angry and hate the horde... but instantly flip flop to lets be buddies again -.-
    Instantly flip flop? If she instantly flopped she would have been helping throughout Legion.

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    You may like the faction war, but at this point the Horde and Alliance fighting each other would be like Russia using the alien invasion in Independence Day as a handy distraction to invade Alaska. At some point, when your entire planet faces annihilation, you stop to wonder if maybe your petty bickering should be set aside.

    Azeroth has faced a galactic demon army led by a god-tier warrior, a zombie apocalypse, insane world-breaking dragons, parasitic gods of corruption embedded in the planet itself, elemental attacks, invasions from alternate timelines, and homegrown threats from hostile empires and insane infiltrating cults bent on ushering in the end of everything, yet the Horde and Alliance, the only two factions strong enough to defend against these threats, have lorewise killed each other for so long that their populations are heavily depleted. Apparently IQ doesn't rise above single digits on Azeroth, because they are all complete idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockybalboa View Post
    Blizzard devs are mainly Horde fanboys that's why
    They have butchered the Horde several times in a row now. Tough love I guess.

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