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    Indi rock, country, hipster music and spanish pop songs or pop songs in general. One of the many reasons i dont like going to clubs cuz the music makes me depressed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RH92 View Post
    I like artists from pretty much any genre but Jazz.

    As a drummer I can understand the complexity to some degree, I just can't connect with the music. To me it doesn't represent any emotion, I don't find it happy, sad, angry, cool or anything in between. More often than not I find it weird, bland and to some extent spasmic shit (not in a derogatory in way), but I do like it's influence on other genres.

    Not hating on Big Band Jazz though, there is just something magical to a huge horn section.
    I don’t know how this could be, have you never listened to Kinda Blue or Love Supreme or heard of Stan Getz or Dave Brubeck or listened to music by Duke Ellington, Count Basie, or Benny Goodman or heard Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday or Louis Armstrong or even Frank Sinatra sing?

    I do agree, I really enjoy horn sections.

    Also, country music is the worst.

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    Ed Sheeran is the best singer for me

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    Modern country is kind of just soft rock with twangy guitars and hick accents. I dislike it and think it's dumb.


    I've really come to loathe Indie folk/modern folk rock like the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, and Of Monsters and Men and the Decemberists. I feel like I'm going to be instantly dressed in Ugg boots and be forced to guzzle gallons of pumpkin spice whatever until I die. It's insufferably wholesome sounding. I feel like people that listen to this music lock their car doors when I walk by on the sidewalk, and I'm adorable.

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    Hi, I don't really enjoy country music.

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    Country music for sure...not a huge fan of rap and hip hop
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    I would say I can listen to most music styles and get something out of it but when it comes to the chart music they play on the radio it makes me want to cut my ears off. Whether it's rap, pop, electronic music or rock - the stuff that's designed to be 'instant hit' with zero substance only made for instant catchiness, it just makes my head hurt. Don't get me wrong, I like these genres but it's like the difference of getting a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds that satisfies you for 5 minutes VS getting a slightly more expensive cheeseburger that you will think about for days afterwards.

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    Hard to say because pretty much all music has some bright spots but like others I would probably say modern pop country music. It's very annoying and makes me think of frat boys and drunk girls taking their tops off at a shitty bar.
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    Black/Death Metal, k-pop, j-pop.
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    there are so many genres i dislike metal where they use this deepvoice that sounds like they vomit and i dont like hardcore/hardstyle also rapp is mostly ...besides eminem i love his rapstyle

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    Rap and new country. If I had to pick between those two, rap.

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    Oof, there are many.
    Rap / Hip Hop / general pop music / most rock music / amelodic metal

    Basically anything with idiotic texts in languages I can understand.

    I mostly listen to instrumental classical / contemporary soundtracks / ambient.

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    dubstep. that music is death for the soul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakiru View Post
    Metal is a hard one for me, I either really love it, or hate it. There's a lot of differences between subgenres. Recently found Sabaton and Powerwolf and love it.
    Yeah Sabaton is really fun. I always get a chuckle out of the texts. A rare exception where I don't mind being able to understand.

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    Whatever they call this new genre of mumbling, be it either hip hop or some of the nonsense billie eilish sings.

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    All kind of Pop music.Like a food which smells terrible!

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    Toss up between Gangsta Rap (type stuff), New Pop Country, and Death Metal (with vocals that sound like they are trying to hack something up).
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    Anything that isn't death metal, metalcore, metal or deathcore.
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    Death metal, metalcore, metal and deathcore.
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    Mumble Rap

    too easy

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