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    Classical music

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    Death metal probably, specifically the type where you cant hear a word of whats being sung - I dont understand the appeal.
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    Modern country. I can get behind a good amount of older country, so I won't discount the entire genre. However, modern country all sounds so similar musically speaking, and always has the same type of theme lyrically.

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    Overall probably country. I enjoy some of it but for the most part I can do without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indres View Post
    Classical music

    Fight me neckbeards
    There's some badass classical music though! 1812 Overture is a banger. Don't see people using fucking cannons as instruments nowadays.

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    [c]rap of course

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    Folk music like this. Idk what is the english word for it but we call it "dechovka"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwolf64 View Post
    dubstep. that music is death for the soul
    See, for me it depends. If it's Skrillex "substep", then I wholeheartedly agree. If it's Kate B. "dubstep"... I kind of like that music.

    As for overall genres, I am not a big fan of reggae, most country western & and some areas of rap (like Trap, Mumble, or any of this incoherent shit that younger generations seem to flock to). Though, I have come to appreciate Snoop Dog & Coolio's earlier works of late.

    Speaking of Skrillex, is it sad that I am happy he faded into relative obscurity? The fact he won eight Grammy's just boggles my mind.

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    I'd say, Mumble rap (like wtf?) and Death Metal (where they just gargle scream the lyrics).

    Other than that, I'm an omnivore. My Spotify has songs spanning the entire spectrum of genres, as well as all ages and even countries.
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    If we can count this to music, ASMR

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    Bro Country is just an abomination...

    I could say Rap or RnB but there were years when those genres were great. Bro Country has never been good.

    Honorable mentions: Mumble/Trap Rap, Cock Rock, Christian Rock, EDM (some variations)

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