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    My Ideas

    Fiery Entiry: Summon a Fiery Entiry to attack by your side, like some of the monk spirit things but fiery, this permanent pet will melee your target and apply a dot that will boost your fireball, pyro, fireblast dmg by a certain amount. You have the choice to explode the Entity to do big dmg to target and anything around it, you can't summon another Entiry for a while.

    Flame Hunger or Combustion?: Absorb the ignites of all your enemies to increase your haste by x% and damage by y% for z seconds, the duration will be proportional to the absorbed ignite damage up to z seconds. Basically eliminate some / most / all of your ignite damage from the enemies and turn your into a nasty fire machine gun for a small time, duration would be capped to avoid staying 2 days with this buff.

    A talent or whatever to make your meteor and flame patch dots to stay on the target it hits instead of on the floor.

    i would implement a mechanic that if the target is immune to slows then the spell would do a x% more dmg, would help on raid bosses and not be super OP in PVP.

    Make Comet Storm baseline to frost, that spell looks sexy.

    Frozen Orb: Same but with the following change: The orb will damage your enemies and / or aid your raid members it passes through, the positive effect will vary depending on the raid member role. Healers: Infuse then with refreshing chill increasing their heals potency by x% for x seconds. DPS: Their attacks will do x amount of extra frost damage for x seconds. TANKS: Their skin will harden and reduce their dmg taken by x% by x seconds.

    Ice Wall: Create a wall of ice in front of you that will protect you and your allies reducing their dmg taken by x% while they stay behind the wall or while the wall stands, (Wall can absorb up to x amount of damage). Yes we can now save ppl with our stuff!!!! Obviously the wall should not be too big, just a little arc in front of you.

    Ice Form (Replaces Ice Block): You turn into a statue of ice making immune to all damage for x seconds, while in ice form you can still slide at a 50% reduced movement speed.

    Quickening Trance: Create an X yard wide aura around yourself for 10 seconds that increases your haste by x%, this effect will also affect up to 3 raid members, if your raid members stay inside for more than 6 seconds they will be stunned for x seconds.

    Arcane Orb: Same but make it return to you, and if you catch it generate x amount of arcane charges.

    I know some of the ideas wild, but what do you want, im a mage!!!! blizz could balance with numbers so this does not become crazy or maybe it already is... sue me.
    I like the ice wall idea, giving a bit of raid/dungeon utility is always fun. For fire I just want legion fire mage back. I don't play much of arcane so eh. In general id like rune of power to be re worked or removed. And make the fun looking spells baseline. I agree with comet storm, I like the dot arcane mage can apply, maybe slightly nerf arcane blast and have arcane blast apply the dot. I love the icicle theme for frost, maybe make frost mastery multi-strike and just fill your screen with icicles and flurries. Make a class cool is enough in my opinion. Yes balance is important but it will never be perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lodravel View Post
    A mage should be no simple minded fool with only a few abilities up his sleeve. No, we're spellcasters that have obtained our powers through years of dedicated study, we should be packed to the brim of our pointy hats with spells for all the different situations!

    I dislike that as a fire mage, I have no spammable tool to unstealth rogues. I also dislike not having access to any kind of reliable slow. I dislike that our rotation is so one-dimensional. As someone before me said, yes, give us some more buttons that elaborate on our rotation! The base is alright, but it feels bland. What it lacks is some spice, some point where a good fire mage and a better fire mage go separate ways. Right now, there's barely any distinction.
    Yes well spoken sir I agree, but I think counts for almost all classes sadly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    Yes well spoken sir I agree, but I think counts for almost all classes sadly
    Well, true. There is little sophistication left in any class.

    What makes mage special in this regard is that the class fantasy (dirty word, I know) is one of sophistication. Their powers weren't attained by natural talent alone, nor through servitude to the elements or the light, or by making pacts with demons. They got there through slow learning.

    Something about that strikes me as diametrically opposed to an eazy and simple gameplay. On the contrary, they should be very difficult to master!
    I can see how and why one might not agree with that viewpoint. Yet, it doesn't quite feel mage-y if the gameplay is so... "dumb".

    Edit: I'm repeating myself, of course. Haha
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    The Covenant abilities we are getting have been changed a little from the iterations we saw at Blizzcon.

    However, without numbers and relying on mechanics alone, would I be correct in saying that the Kyrian Radiant Spark and the Necrolord Skeletal Mage (which sounds pretty cool) appear to be the best choices for raiding or dungeoneering mages?

    Radiant Spark would definitely be saved for our cooldown windows.
    Skeletal Mage would synergise better with Arcane or Frost (who cast Arcane Blast and Frostbolt's during their cooldowns) rather than fire (which uses pyroblasts (and scorch in a pinch to get heating up) during combustion).

    Torment of Mirrors seems to be a PVP ability though. And Shifting Power seemingly expects us to be in melee range...dungeon trash is the only time I can imagine it being useful based on our limited information right now.

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    Focus magic making a comeback is a big no no for me.

    I always hated 1 person per raid buffs and the shit show they bring with them - FM, ToTT damage increase, Dark Intent, PI etc. should not exist IMO. It's either an uninteresting in class circle jerk, or getting whispers all raid about it with stupid innuendo and incessant whinging. Not even making mention of their impact on parses overall.

    I seriously can't overstate how much I hate these abilities. They are toxic as all hell and that's one hill I'd be willing to die on.

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    So after seeing the changes: I'm sad we're not getting a more significant redesign but I'm also okay with it? But I'll still need to see more before I can make an actual say on how mages will feel going into SL

    General: Mirror image fuck yeah. That's one of my favorite spells. Alter time ehh...I liked it but I'm not like...too crazy about it. Fire and frost ward is kind of weird but cool, we'll see. I'm actually glad fireblast is becoming baseline, it gives another "oh hey, I gotta go" button to push. Arcane explosion being baseline feels pointless but's useful as a rogue check. Focus magic...we'll have to see. I think it might be better for mythic+ where you can just put it on the healer or something but I also don't like the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" abilities. They just feel...pointless. Of course, I get why it's not a raidwide buff but it could be a short cooldown or something instead. We'll see.

    Arcane: Clearcasting stacking to 2 is helps give more mobility if you take slipstream. Mastery extending to all abilities is awesome, because now it makes casting something other than blast/barrage worth it. Touch of the magi being baseline is a BLESSING. I'm really excited to play with enlightened. I love the mana-gement game, honestly, and I think this talent will be really neat. But again, we'll see.

    Fire: Ignite going from a passive spread to an on demand from fireblast feels...pointless? But I guess it works if CC is needed. I wonder if that implies CC is coming back? Blastwave Kindling Pyroblasm Seems like fire is getting mostly QoL changes but we'll see.

    Frost. Winter's chill buff is cool. But we'll see.

    Overall: We'll see but I'm okay that it mostly seems to be small changes? I feel like frost is in a really good place, I feel like fire was in a good place and it's getting a slight buff. Arcane seems to be getting the most changes but...we'll see

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    i mean, they already said classes werent geting massive redesigns like the past 2 xpacs. not sure why people are surprised.

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