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    Blood DK azerite traits.

    I was reading icy veins guide to see which azerite traits to pursue but all the info there doesn't rank them in any way, seems like Blood just pick 3 pieces and roll with it, w/e you get doesn't matter.

    I was checking gear from other blood dks doing mythic+ (as is my main focus, is the only thing I do) and they all have like different gear and most of them now are just doing unholy.

    can anyone please recommend me a site or a place to see rankings for the traits.

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    Out of all my alts Blood DK has the worst traits ever, hands down. Pick Bloody Runeblade if you can or Eternal Rune Weapon, otherwise it doesn't really matter since rest of them are so bad.

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    Bloody Runeblade, eternal runeblade or bones of the damned for the first ring, for the second ring almost every generic trait is better.

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    Just focus on strength/stamina (item level). Blood DK traits are garbage. Actually, we have the worst tank traits in the game. Some are okey, but that's it.

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