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    Question Best Rogue class/race combination

    Okay, im planning on getting a rogue to level 120. Gonna level from scratch. But before i do this i was wondering what is actually the best race for rogue on alliance? What best for pvp and whats best for pve? And which is the best choice when you play both?

    Im not sure if the effect races have on the performance of the classes are even big anymore, if noticable at all.

    For now my preference is going to void elf, just because i like how they look and i can unlock another heritage armor set. Am i in luck and is this the best choice anyway? (tbh i got a feeling its not but maybe it is)

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    What does "best" mean?

    In terms of ability/utility? or raw DPS? Which spec? What aspect of PvE?

    Basically, I hope I'm highlighting that best is a meaningless phrase and you should play w/e you feel like playing

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    Its not like this is vanilla.
    You can pick the race you like without being ultra-punished.

    I go with Dark Irons.
    I both love them, and their racial is pretty good too.
    Flexible, usable offensively and defensively.

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    From an RP/lore standpoint human is a good choice. It might be very vanilla as far as choices, but it fits rouge. Pandaria and BfA both begin as secret rogue missions. In Legion you massacre Darkshire and infiltrate Stormwind. You also reunite with Vanessa VanCleef after Westfall.

    Worgen's not bad either. The Cataclysm Legendary dagger takes you to Gilneas and Tess Greymane joins you as a rogue champion.

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    Troll is the answer. As always.
    A witty saying proves nothing.
    plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

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    Best Rogue Class is Rogue. Best Rogue Race is anything with a mohawk, mohawks add like 50 dps

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    Goblin of course. the rocket jump is a life saver when falling and can serve as a mini sprint to avoid death by shit on the floor. You always get exalted discounts regardless of your standing which is pretty on character. Also, best stealth animation ever!

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    Closing. "What should i play" threads are forbidden.
    No one wants to choose. Everyone wants everything.

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