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    Looking for people to build a guild

    Hello there, with the coming of the new tier, i’m looking for 3-4 people to start mine own guild.

    You are going to be the officers of the guild, helping me managing and recruting to start raiding ASAP

    Faction&Server will be decided betwen us, so consider it also as a new fresh opportunity.

    VERY IMPORTANT: raid times will be from 21:00 or 21:30 till 24:00 SVT so contact me if are interest to raid with these times.

    If i got you interested you can add me #gnappy2181(bnet) or #murthag6614 (Discord)

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    Update: We are looking now for one last player to fill the role of officer dont esitate to contact me if interested

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    The guild is alive. I'm happy to introduce to you "Here We Go Again" on Kazzak

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    i would recommend you to join a guild rather then creating a new one, since today new guilds survive maybe 1-2 raidtiers.

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