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    Frostmourne Alliance <Naturally>

    <Naturally> Is a guild who has recently moved to Alliance, Frostmourne from Horde, Barthilas to continue progression.
    We are an 8/9M and 9/9H guild, who raid 7:30-10:30 ST Wed/Thur/Mon.

    We are actively seeking highly skilled players who are keen to continue progressing even after the release of the Classic WoW servers.
    Although our primary focus is on current tier raiding content, we still enjoy competitive mythic+ and PVP on our non raid nights.
    Friends and social ranks welcome, however if if you wish to join the Mythic raid team our expectations are.
    - Be online and ready to raid at 7:15.
    - Have a detailed knowledge of your class and spec (this includes being up to date with wowlogs, balance changes and exploring different specs within your class).
    - Have all raid consumables for 3 hours of raiding (even if guild provides) including potions, runes, flasks, food and tomes.
    - Have good communication, we have a guild Discord to notify others if you're running late, unable to make raid or help the guild by taking part in strategy discussions.
    - Be prepared to put the team first this means, if your'e asked to sit out, or need to improve, have the maturity to accept that. We have highly skilled players who can assist you in improving your ability, if your'e willing to meet us half way, we will do our best to help you improve.

    Trials work both ways, if you feel that Naturally could be a place for you, please get in contact.

    Currently recruiting:
    - Melee and Ranged DPS

    Deltz#1430 - Jimmywings
    Rogue#1658 - Rhawn
    NickAguero#6967 - Spellguera

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    Yo ---

    I am an ex-raider for Naturally and I can't say enough how great these bunch of blokes are with top-notch leadership!

    Highly recommend anyone on Frostmourne looking for a guild to give these guys a shot!

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    bump 3/8 Mythic
    Looking for all DPS.

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