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    Talking [EU][PVE][ALLIANCE] - WOW Classic Guild recruitment - ONYXLOCKER

    Hi All,

    We are looking to get back into playing Wow by creating a Guild for Classic.

    We are mostly casual players who play in the evening and want to have fun and socialize.

    However, we will be doing raids but there will be no strict mandatory attendance/requirements.

    New and returning players are welcome at any skill level.

    We are also looking for senior positions in the guild to be filled.

    If you want to have fun and be in a friendly, chilled environment, then come and check us out.

    This is our Discord Channel


    or contact me directly


    Thanks for your time.
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    Got a few new members, looking for more for great PVE fun

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    Slowly growing!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Only 45 days to go!

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    From Europe and want to play PVE? Then this is the place to be! http://discord.gg/FAf2xgX

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