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    Why? 8.2 has been really great to me, and I can't recall a patch in the last few expansions that has been as good. Oh wait, someone doesn't blindly hate everything blizzard does so they must be wrong or trolling, got it.

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    If all you do ingame is eating dirt and play pokemon i might agree with you.

    Oh wait, someone doesn't blindly praise s@#t that comes from Blizz's rear so they must be a hater, got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kekels View Post
    Sorry I don't like a fantasy war game about orcs and humans to be filled with cartoon pandas and asian cliches *shrugs*
    But cows are totally ok!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valhalladin View Post
    Everyone on here is so over dramatic. Every patch it's THE WORST PATCH EVER! Telling me this content-filled patch is worse that 8.1? or all of the wod patches? Cmon guys really....
    Edge Lords gonna edge. By all rights 8.2 is a solid patch, it might not be the "bestest" ever, but it's pretty damn good that's for sure.

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    I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it’s definitely really good imo.

    1. Operation: Mechagon. This is probably one of my favorite dungeons to date. It had a lot of interesting mechanics, it has a callback to ulduar hardmodes and it’s just overall really cool aesthetically. Once you go deeper into mechagon it’s awesome.

    2. The essence system itself is a massive success imo. It brought a ton of grinds with it but the grinds lead up to a very good reward and there’s little to no RNG involved in the grinding. For me, my best essences come from rep so it’s a big grind but it’s worth it because of the good reward at the end. Similar to farming rep for an awesome mount. It encourages people to do all sorts of shit which seems to be very well received.

    3. The zones are good. Mechagon is awesome, im almost exalted with both so ill be done pretty soon but I loved both of them. Nazjatar got much better with flying and mechagon already had it with the jetpacks. I love the rare system on mechagon and the crafting. Nazjatar is one of my favorite zones aesthetically as well. There’s a lot of hidden stuff all over Nazjatar, like Ozumat and Neptulon behind the sea wall.

    Overall, I’ve probably played more in 8.2 than I did during 8.0-8.1.5 combined. There wasn’t much to do and the things to do just weren’t fun. BfA still has plenty of issues but 8.2 is a very good patch imo. There’s obviously some negatives too but the positives far outweigh them from my personal experience.
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    It's definitely up there.

    Only the second time we got a large scale dungeon in an expansion.

    2 zones, both very different and cool.

    I feel 5.2 was awesome, but was missing a cool dungeon to go along with it.

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    Isle of Quel'danas STILL best design in 2019. Impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kekels View Post
    wAHH WAHH cry me a river beta
    You could have edited your post to make it more readable. You decided to answer like this. Tells me everything I need to know about you and why I shouldn't give a single shit about your opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by therealstegblob View Post
    Do you even know what a wall of text is lol.
    What definition do you go by? For me a 10 line unformatted paragraph with weird punctuation mistakes definitely qualifies.
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    Biggest patch with the worst state of classes, it's sad that they can't rework them until 9.0

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    It is a good patch thanks to Mechagon, which is way more interesting then i thought it would be. Nazjatar feels really no different then every Timeless Isle type zone they plop in to keep us entertained.

    The best patch? Not even close.

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    It's alright. It's not making me want to log in.

    I think the game is over for me because PVP is broken. It simply takes too long to kill people, I don't like it. I play hardcore and insta death in every other game, so it's not like I don't know what I'm talking about. I know WoW will never provide what I want, I play other stuff for PVP.

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    BWahahahahahahahaha no. Did it fix the massive issues with the game that drove people away? Nope.

    Did it create new frustrations for people already aggravated with the game ? YEs, yes it did .

    Did it further the story along in a logical manner, improved the writing or story in general? Nope.

    Did it keep players on the fence from unsubbing? Nope, everyone in my guild who left at the start of BFA who came back for flying , left again before even getting it , about 20 players or so. I am still unsubbed waiting for Classic

    Once you get flying you realize that for the next 6 months there is nothing to do again except the raid and mecha dungeon that are not exactly getting stellar reviews . This was the make it or break it patch for this shit show expansion, and it broke it more.

    Its just a a shiny turd on top of the shit pile that is BFA

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    Quote Originally Posted by huerohueroxxx View Post
    Biggest patch with the worst state of classes, it's sad that they can't rework them until 9.0
    They could. They could do it easily. They choose not too . They have convinced the Blizzardsheep it cant be done until a new expansion. Activision and Blizzard dont give a damn about this game any more. Its too old, and revenues are dropping. The shareholders and wallstreet want brand new games . They dont want to keep selling 15 year old nostalgia.
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    I would say 8.2 is a solid patch in an expansion that has overall been a bit disappointing in terms of trends, in my opinion. Not the greatest patch of all time as that would need to occur in an expansion with a more positive, upward trend - but still good for the context of BfA.
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