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    Cool [speculation] patch 8.3 is scrapped. Next big update is WoW 9.0

    A Source in Blizzard Entertainment EU has just confirmed that patch 8.3 - Defense of Thunder Bluff is scrapped and that 8.2 is the final large content patch of the BfA expansion.

    Here are some of the other bits of information I managed to learn from our brief conversation:

    So, is Azshara's Eternal Palace the last raid of the expansion?
    Yes, that's the plan.

    What was cut?
    We wanted to make sure we end the expansion on a very epic note. When we started designing the Defense of Thunder Bluff Raid, everything felt like a smaller scale compared to Eternal Palace. The decision was made to scrap the entire raid and concentrate our resources on 9.0. After all, the plans for 9.0 are pretty ambitious.
    Nathanos Blightcaller was originally planned as the final boss of Defense of Thunder Bluff. The audience will have a chance to fight him in the first raid of 9.0.

    What's about unfinished storylines?
    We plan to wrap-up some of the BfA storylines like Horde-Alliance confrontation in the patch 8.2.5.

    What can you tell about 9.0?
    It's called Return of the Black Empire. When our designers showed us that concept art


    we immediately knew we were going to make an expansion about the Black Empire. It will feature a new class, major revamp of Azeroth, new previously hidden mass of land, new dungeons, new raids, and blah blah blah. Corrupt Azeroth is currently planned as the final boss of 9.x.

    Players won't feel really happy to wait more than one year for new content in the game

    It's not something we want to do. But at least we have Classic.
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    Ok lol whatever you say

    I mean, atleast try to make the troll posts funny or atleast intetesting.

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    I would love such a theme for an expansion, but
    -a "source" lel
    -Nathanos could NEVER be the last boss of BfA. They said the last boss would be revealed in the Azshara cinematic, didn't they? No spoiler, but it's not Nathanos.
    -planning an expansion after looking at a badass picture would be a new low
    -"ya we'll have Palace as current raid for a year but you guys have Classic so suck it up and wait"

    All very reasonable.

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    You need to share the details on who your dealer is. You are smoking some fine grade A stuff if you believed your source in blizzard and we all need some.

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    Come on, I expect a bit more intricacy from this season of fake leaks.

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    Don't quit your day job, OP. You can't write for shit.
    They always told me I would miss my family... but I never miss from close range.

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    I like how the Source was not only Wikipedia
    But the Wikipedia page for Source

    That's meta
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    your ‘source’ made me smile

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    Yeah, no...

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    >OP says "Source in Blizzard Entertainment EU" with a link
    >link leads to Wikipedia article defining the word "Source"


    I don't want a whole expansion about tentacles. We had 93 weeks of orcs and red underground fortresses from 5.4 through the launch of 6.2, and we had 164 weeks of demons and black and green fortresses from 6.2 through the launch of BFA. You can't just have one aesthetic dominate the game for years on end.

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    I do not believe 8.3 was scrapped. Sorry.

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    Are you sure it wasn’t just your brain leaking out of your ear?

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    Title needs adjusting from "LEAK:" to "Load of horseshit:"
    @thwart <- don't click this and learn his shame
    Newsflash: 2016 Thwart would hate 2019 Thwart! Definitely don't click this either!

    We see you.

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    Dude, if you are going to try and troll dont use an imagie that can be tracked to 5 years ago from a fan-art via a simple google image search

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    Why do i always end up opening these "leak" threads... I must resist the temptation of reading poorly written bait threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Lucas View Post
    Come on, I expect a bit more intricacy from this season of fake leaks.
    Based on the quality of writing we get, the simplest solutions are the right way to go.

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    I like how you even made up a fake interview format!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mushkins View Post
    A Source in Blizzard Entertainment EU has just confirmed that patch 8.3 - Defense of Thunder Bluff is scrapped and that patch 8.2 is the final large content patch of the BfA expansion.

    Here are some of the other bits of information:
    "A source" links the wikipedia articale for source instead of the actual source...


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    thats a 10/10 source

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    "But at least we have Classic." - yeah that's totally pr speak, I don't know what's more funny, this or the source link lol...
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