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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    If I wanted a korean mmo, I'd play a korean mmo. I specifically started playing WoW because I didn't like how grindy other mmos I played were. Now the grind is in WoW too.
    The grind has always been in WoW. How long have you been playing WoW? 3 days? I literally cannot recall a time since WoW's inception where there wasn't a grind of some kind. If anything, it's become less-grindy.

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    From what I've played, the content is pretty decent. I'd say it's better than the "average patch". There's actually two new zones with different styles of content, plus a pretty big dungeon and a raid. Nazjatar is much, much worse and less innovative than what they promised, though, and the lore and visuals are horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    Essences should be account wide as should heart of azeroth levels.
    My god, so true. So so so true.

    Also, I love a grind. This isn't a grind. It's simply a time gate. Do X each day and then in Y days you get your juice box = time gate. Kill 2,013 mobs, farm 2984 Herb, kill 500 boss = grind. I would much rather be able to grind at my own pace and unlock things at my own pace, than have to take the trash out and mop the floor every day for 3 weeks before I see the results. Bad game design.

    After I unlocked flying, I don't see any reason to go back to Naz/Mech other than to do the dailies and get exalted for their tabards lol/
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    Take a break for a few months and then come back and you'll have more to do.

    I recently came back a month of so ago (Haven't played since opening of Uldir tbh) and i still have plenty that i want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanstos View Post
    I dont know if im happy because its actually decent or is it because 14 months of drought will literally make anything (including WoD) awesome!

    We likely aren't going to see 14 months of drought. Either 8.3 or 9.0 will be announced at blizzcon, and my money is on 8.3. Will also see 8.2.5 here in a few months which will have a bit of content.
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Well the dungeon is okay, some fun fights but that's it done it once now it doesn't really matter unless you wanna farm away for specific items, LUL Titanforge gods.
    I knew I hadn't played in a while, but had no idea it was nearly a year xD just goes to show just how shit BFA was at launch, i started again 3 days ago and it's okay.

    Classes are shocking, literally mind numbing - so watered down and bland they need complete overhauls
    Azerite is shit
    Necklace is shit
    Bethnic gear is shit
    Professions are shit - completely meaningless
    Mechagon is quite pleasant to be in, Nazjatar is horrendous
    The players are still shocking, i'd say almost on par with league of legends community
    Fresh patch and chat is complete and utter dead? Trade chat used to be BOOMING, now it's just gold sellers and boosters spamming away
    So many bugged quests, glitches and phasing problems still, WoW was always known for being well polished
    Essence system is a decent idea, and implemented better than the features that were put into BFA - which were laughable, to the point where when little Timmy mentioned them in the company meeting he should have lost his job

    All grinding features need to be account bound, we aren't in Korea and it is 2019 - we don't have thousands of hours to put into each character that makes your eyes bleed.

    Patch is fine, the expansion is garbage - overall 4/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raelbo View Post
    What's bad about being slow?

    It's a game. It's supposed to be fun.

    Seems strange to me that you would consider "good" to be people who strain themselves in order to rush through content only to land up bored a few weeks later. Seems to me that people who don't rush, who take the time to enjoy the experience, and don't end up complaining incessantly about a lack of content are the ones who are doing it right.
    I dont mean it like that.

    I mean it like, when i see a Blood DK pulling 1 mob at a time and similar things, i never said they cant enjoy the content but not knowing the power of your class, is a downtime which doesnt exist, and something player A does in 30 minutes, like the Nazjatar questline, takes those players hours, which for them, it can be weeks.

    And similar things like Mage tower.

    Your skill level changes a lot about the time you spend in game is my point.

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    Nazjatar and Mechagon are better than I expected, so no complaints for me beyond things like classes needing to be reworked, Azerite generally being meh, and rep grinds taking forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinChan View Post
    You can't understand why people enjoy different playstyles? Do you only play one specialization of the class you have? Imagine if you could only specialize your gear and progression per specialization, no matter how similar they may be. Can you imagine the shit storm that'd cause?
    I can, but I can't understand the obsession. That person said they'd rather quit if they're not able to skip progression on their alts. Just sticking to one character apparently seems entirely unbearable, which feels absurd to me.

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    I like the patch. ¯\_(ツ) _/¯
    There `s a lot to do, the raid is awesome ( not azshara ) and mechagon was also a lot of fun for me, too. I also like hunting rares and farm gear.

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    I like it personally. Now that I have flying and am done with those stupid-ass Requisition dailies in Nazjatar, I just do the rest at my leisure. Mechagon is still fun, the best patch zone still TI at least. Essences don't revolutionize anything but they are a nice new addition, my Warrior is getting tons of milerage out of my Memory of Lucid Dreams. Also the dungeon is really good and new raid is a new raid.

    But I see how the rare camping and obscene amount of things like dailies and murloc trading shenanigans would annoy completionist or absolute min-maxers who need everything as soon as possible. It's not my case at all however.

    Still, the patch is remarkably alt-unfriendly, in between the Essences and how grindy Mechagon/Nazjatar can be. That I fully agree with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinro View Post
    If I wanted a korean mmo, I'd play a korean mmo. I specifically started playing WoW because I didn't like how grindy other mmos I played were. Now the grind is in WoW too.
    Oh my god please stop with this bullshit. You can literally get to from fresh 120 to 410 in a single evening with you heart of azeroth at at least 45. After you did it the first time all you other alts are even faster.
    Its laughable how absurd and fast the catchup is in this expansion. Even getting your heart from 50 to 55 is very fast and requires only a bit of grinding. Next week it will again be 30% faster.
    It never every in WoWs history was so easy to jump directly into the hardest difficulty available (high level m+ or mythic raiding or high level ranked arena) as it is now.

    It only feels like a korean mmo if you want everything on day 1, but its your own fault if you decide to farm island expeditions for neck level 55 in week 1 instead of just doing emissaries and Nazjatar / Mechagon and wait for the artifact knowledge to kick in to just do it passively or with much less effort.
    You don't need socketed and upgraded benthic gear to do the hardest content available in mythic week 1. It helps, but the raid is not designed for you to have it and you get nearly as good loot by just doing it on a lower difficulty.

    Its completely baffeling me how somebody can complain about "grinding" in the current wow when you are not competing for world first.

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