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Depends on what you personally enjoy. I wish they never left the tiered difficulty system of early wow. The difficulty slider isn't a comparative substitute for me
The whole point of the design is that it's not about what anyone personally enjoys. It's about what works best for the playerbase as a whole. The tiered difficulty system was fantastic...for a tiny fraction of the playerbase. It almost killed the game though because, for the vast majority, it was a disaster. People today complain about stuck on a raid tier for more than 6 months, yet most raiders were stuck in Karazhan for an entire expansion.

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But you can't really say, that squishing the numbers each expansion or so is a fix?
Not a fix, no. But it is a workable solution.

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That said, as i stated previously, its an impossible problem. There is no "solve", only patchwork. That is also why im curious if other people have some ideas to actually solve it. If there is a system out there, that can support a constantly evolving and advancing game without the need for constant changes in the value system.
Agreed. The inherent problem in just about any system that they might make are consequent to a fundamental requirement of the game that player power increase exponentially. And as much as people around here like to complain about stat squishes, I have yet to see a workable suggestion - this thread being a great example of a terrible solution.