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    What will be her fate?

    As much as I hate Sylvanas, I don't want her to die.

    Can the Alliance make Sylvanas lightforged and make her redeemed into a good person? I really miss the old Sylvanas, the ranger-general of silvermoon. The thing is, she will likely get killed or become enslaved to some old god or bwomsomadi. And this is a fate worse than death. I am a compassionate person and I want to forgive her for all the terrible thing's she has done. I know there is good inside deep down in her.

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    she won't die if she does she'll be alive again
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    I know there is good inside deep down in her.
    I want to believe that, but reflecting on her past actions makes me think that, far from modern characterization being some villainizing retcon, she's always been like this, and we just weren't paying attention.

    At the founding of the Forsaken, she freed them from enslavement by the Lich King. She gave them hope. For that, she's been practically worshiped by them ever since. But was that ever out of the goodness of her heart? No. She needed forces to destroy the Lich King. Since then it's been all about saving her soul from damnation like she saw happen to Arthas, ironically plummeting down the same path of justifying ever-increasing horrors.

    I don't think resurrecting her as a living elf would fix the experiences she's been through, any more than Sylvanas thinks something's gone wrong when certain forsaken don't forsake their pasts and attempt to cling to their old identities and families. Dead or not, it's about the experiences individuals have gone through. All undeath does is make things worse by dulling emotions.
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    She would never win against the lich king, not even with 1 billion undead army behind her. A large army against LK would mean he would just enslave them all. Tirion Fordring was the only reason why the LK was defeated. The argent tournament was created because a large army could never defeat the LK head on and thus Fordring knew this and wanted to train and send in an elite squad of people into icecrown. Both the horde and alliance had a hand in the defeat of the LK. Sylvanas didn't really do anything. ASHBRINGER

    People just don't give enough credit to Tirion, it was his plan all along that worked, everyone else who tried to take on LK failed.
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    The only way to redeem her is for her to just die. That's literally the only thing she can do to make Azeroth a better place.
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    its highly unlikely shes going to die as she is just way too popular to just be killed off.
    Its also unlikely for her to get imprisoned its just not in her character to be captured she will most likely ether go under ground / in to hiding and or be exiled.
    And while yes i don't 100% agree with her methods she is cold and brutal but you cant argue that she dose not get results in both life and death.

    The whole burning of tree was not part of the plan at all in fact everything leading up to the burning of tree was saurfang's plan (yes including the assassination of the night elf guards with bribed rouge assassins).
    As sylvanas asked him to lay out the plan as the rest of the horde would not agree with her ways so he did but he pulled out in the last second cause he changed his mind on not killing malfurion at the last second cause he FELT it was not honorable when NOTHING prior to that had been honorable he just changed his mind how he felt and thus forcing sylvanas in to a corner so she just went fuck it i tried doing it on your terms but not you decided to get cold feet so we are doing it my way then.

    Seriously read the short story A good war if you even slightly care about the lore and story https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/st...ory/a-good-war its a shame they skipped a HUGE part the actual story and why it played out the way it did.

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    If there is a trend to the Warbringers (Jaina a boss.. not killed, Aszhara a boss.. not killed) then I'd say Sylvanas's fate is likely to be a boss encountered in 8.3(?) but we won't kill her. Whether she ends up leaving the Horde or not, I can't say, but if she leaves then Nathanos almost certainly would too... which would leave no one to take their place (unless Blizz really want to throw their story further in the garbage and make Calia the next undead leader).
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    She should be killed so all her fans can finally quit WOW.

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