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    We need the third Warbringer raid. Burning of Thunderbluff. Sylvanas will survive just how the other 2 Warbringers did. Sylvanas will be the key to the next expansion.

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    All eyes shall be opened can mean 2 things.

    1) He raises the dead like his hearthstone card, making them open their eyes.

    2) He is going to make us see what we have done wrong, the evil in the light, and show us the path forward. Opening our eyes to the real issue and granting us sight to our true goal.

    He wil also not set C'thun and Yogg free. As much as I want both of those to return it will not be by N'zoths hand(tentacle?) purely because Xal'atath already said that N'zoth is considered the weakest but the smartest. If he brings back those 2 they will just bully him into submission while they proceed to corrupt Azeroth and get all the power.

    Its like a nerd going into a test and instead of going there himself he sets lose 2 bullies that will start picking on him and he has to give them all the answers.

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    This may be a little odd but when I thought about the whisper, "The Lord of Ravens will turn the key" everyone thinks this is talking about Khad'gar. However, Khad'gar just has the ability to transform into a Raven, he is not a Lord of any kind, this particular whisper is in reference to someone different. I remember in Legion about a certain area. Black Rook Hold. What happened there?

    "When Gul'dan stole Illidan's corpse from Vault of the Wardens, Gul'dan performed in which he separated his soul from his body. Energies caused by the event brought Lord Ravencrest, Desdel Stareye and others back as undead."

    Lord Ravencrest. he is now undead, which is the whole aspect of this expansion, death. He can have a HUGE role to play here
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiba1 View Post
    I fear that we only killed a fragment of Yogg'Saron's body, sure it was the head, but at the same time, a cancer can go away, but at some point in time, will always come back, which is what we currently witnessed in Ulduar during the events of Legion, sure the Saronite Whisper's are whats lingering in the halls, but Saronite is also the blood one Yogg'Saron, Yogg'Saron's influence, is not completely distinguished. I fear that with N'Zoth free, he will spread his corruption throughout Ulduar and eventually, Ahn'Qiraj. Which brings me to my next theorycraft, in the chamber of C'Thun, did any one notice....where are the titan chains that are presumably holding this god at bay? Answer is there is none, because Ahn'Qiraj was built around C'Thun because the Titans were going to rip him out of the world after Y'Sharrj but decided against it because of the damage did, so they build, Ahn'Qiraj AROUND C'thun, C'thun is a fully released Old God, just locked to his own area. Is he dead? We don't know at the moment, with that sword just inches away from his prison, that could have very well woke him the hell back up, which is BAD NEWS for us.

    Now on to Xal'atath. We last saw this bitch go into a void portal and disappear, what is she doing currently? This was never explained by Blizzard, is she an Old God, in my personal opinion, yes she is, but I think she is on the level of G'Huun.

    I think 8.3 will be N'Zoth, but only a piece of him, and then he will retreat, then 9.0 begins. 9.0 will pick up where we left off with N'Zoth, however it will be the entire Black Empire, and not just 1 god, listen to the whispers, "At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming." The word Our is plural for many, meaning MULTIPLE Old Gods, and im not talking about just the 6 we know (Xal"atath; C'thun; Yogg'Saron; N'Zoth; Y'Sharrj; G'Huun) there could be many MANY more.
    All of them (aside from N'zoth) are physically dead. Well, Y'shaarj is absolute dead because he got ripped, but Yogg'saron and C'thun are both physically dead currently (Thought could still probably be resurrected or just eaten). Like you said though, an Old God being dead does not diminish their influence, as Yoggys corpse still sends out whispers and echos through Ulduar.

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    What are you talking about? N’zoth wont be the final boss in this addon. But in the next. Yogg'saron and C'thun arent dead. You mostly cant kill an old god anyway. We just fought an manifestation of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaHandsB View Post
    In a way, they have built an entire expansion around him, especially if it's confirmed he was the voice that told Vol'jin to make Sylvanas warchief.
    You're right but I really hope you're wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    O please. Argus was the capital of the Legion. THey could have easily had an entire zone of a blood sea with bones piled high, a demonic pleasure palace/torture zone with succubi and shivarra, an industrial city zone where demons are creating their ships and weapons and portals, etc. so many possible ideas. The legion is so diverse there are unlimited posibilities. It seems obvious they just didn't have the time/budget to do it properly for only a patch.
    It was also the Eredar home world. No need for it to be anything much different than what it was. They may have been demons, but they were one of the only races in the Legion with intelligence. They may have enjoyed their heritage enough to keep the architecture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caerule View Post
    1. Yes, he has been behind the scenes a long time. And has always had some pawn to draw our attention, rather than being the threat himself. I also agree that it'll be sad to end his story too quick.

    2. The past Old Gods were always still under some seals. They could not draw upon their true power. Their growth was very limited compared to their maximum reach. They can grow to engulf worlds, limited only by each other. But the ones we've faced so far had a few lands at best to grow into.

    3. False. They are dead. They have been confirmed dead. They are not gone. And like other eternal beings that have been killed, their presence can endure. The things we encountered in Ulduar were called Saronite Echoes. They are like the Sha for Y'shaarj. He may still whisper old whispers. He may still spawn echoes. But his Yogg-Saron's body is dead. Even his last words declared himself a corpse.

    3-2. In the end, only one can devour Azeroth. Old Gods compete for that role. Raising his competitors would be a dumb move for N'Zoth. He can grow unfettered currently, without competition. I could only picture him raising the others if he believes we are a greater threat to his success than the other Old Gods. I'm not sure we've proved that.

    4. While I would greatly enjoy a Black Empire expansion, and it is my wish, I really am not sure that Ny'Alotha as a whole expansion zone would work. Everything should be tainted and built in Old God style. It would be like making the Mac'Aree zone of Argus one zone. It may actually work better as a patch zone. Even if it is in a Black Empire expansion.

    5. I do agree the Horde vs Alliance needs a good and satisfying end. I really hope Blizzard has a good plan for it. However... I am afraid they really have no other cards to pull here.

    When this expansion was announced, I predicted that this was the N'Zoth expansion, disguised as Horde vs Alliance, because Blizzard doesn't think N'Zoth can sell a whole expansion as the main foe. Since then, there has been a lot of great speculation. Things thought up that would be much better. But Blizzard plans these things a long time in advance. I don't think they've altered course. I expect 8.3 will be named The Black Empire Rises and Ny'alotha to surface with N'Zoth as foe. It's the expected path. And I expect them to take it.
    Exactly this post. For the OP to be as "researched" as they claim, there's misinformation in there. Such as, Yogg-Saron was actually the creator of the Emerald Nightmare, but N'zoth basically stole it from him when he died. Even before then, he had control of Xavius, who probably aided in N'zoth's control of the Nightmare. Hell, the Remnant of Void, is basically N'zoth's planted flower seed of said Nightmare.

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    Old gods are overrated, about time they put all those tentacles to good use

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalBrute View Post
    My guess is, we will fight a corrupted Azshara, setting up the next expansion to fight N'Zoth and The Black Empire.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Theangryone View Post
    For fucks sake, he brought Azshara back from the dead. You have all those whispers about dying three times. Its
    's going to be Azshara all roided up on old God juice.
    I think this is what will happen as well.
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    My guess is Sylvanas, probably in the Undercity. Would kinda bring the whole expansion full circle that way.

    N'zoth will be the next expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post

    Though with how shit blizzard is at everything else, it's probably N'Zoth.
    How would the answer be any different if the finally boss is Azshara "WTF, her again, two times in a row, but I guess that was bound to happen, because how shit blizzard is at everything else" or Sylvanas "WTF, they said she wouldn't be Garrosh 2.0, but I guess that was bound to happen because how shit blizzard is at everything else"

    No matter what they do, they are shit at it and I swear the response would be even more vicious if it was somebody entirely different, because then it wouldn't be a "nice twist" but a lazy ass pull, though not unexpected, because how shit blizzard is at everything else

    But hey...maybe I am just not up to date with the lore and all, and one of you guys here has a good idea for a final raid that takes us all by surprise?

    Like....we get mindslaved and fight through all capitals against all Horde and Alliance leaders?

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    You know, people expected sargeras to be the final boss of Antorus and people argued against it with the same reasoning you’re arguing against N’zoth being the final boss. It’s very possible that Azshara is, yet again, the final boss but empowered even further by N’zoth and probably even helped by him during the fight similar to how Argus was by Sargeras.

    I think if they made N’zoth the endboss they’d have to do it in a way that 1. Isn’t too revealing of the old god and 2. Has the players defeated in a way, setting up for next expansion with N’zoth and the Void/potentially all 3 old gods that are left. We’ve already had a dungeon where we had to completely retreat in order to survive, I don’t think it’d be a bad idea to have that as part of the end of N’zoths encounter or even in a cinematic after something happens during the fight.

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    I was under the impression N'Zoth will be the big bad of the next expansion.

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    i bet the last boss will be something similar to MOP with Sylvanas instead of Garrosh since they need to tie up the story and N'zoth will be the focus of the next expansion because Blizz has the habit lately of making an expansion split in two, one starts the story and introduce a villain and the next one finishes it.
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    "As a massive N'Zoth fan", how can you even be a fan of something that had barely any exposure so far? Most of the character building by this point happened in flavor text, nebulous speculations and ' vague foreshadowing", which essentially was purposefully left blank story pieces, so far that someone could later come and color it in with crayons. All of this reeks of self-delusion.

    We also have yet to actually kill an old god for real, technically even the titans didn't manage that 100% as the fragments still have will of their own and fuck shit up. We will only ever succed in killing them when the fat lady finally kicks the bucket and the plot armor of old gods ceases to function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    "As a massive N'Zoth fan", how can you even be a fan of something that had barely any exposure so far? Most of the character building by this point happened in flavor text, nebulous speculations and ' vague foreshadowing", which essentially was purposefully left blank story pieces, so far that someone could later come and color it in with crayons. All of this reeks of self-delusion.

    We also have yet to actually kill an old god for real, technically even the titans didn't manage that 100% as the fragments still have will of their own and fuck shit up. We will only ever succed in killing them when the fat lady finally kicks the bucket and the plot armor of old gods ceases to function.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    2 posts and an N'Zoth avatar
    Ah I didn't even realize.

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    Nzoth will be done in 8.3.

    With all the glorification and what not, he is merely an Old God, yes merely. He is just one of many servants of Void Lords and by himself is insignificant compared to what we will have to deal with next.

    8.3 will be Nyalotha, because we're at endgame now and everything points at that being next. Heck, you have Zaqul, Harbinger of Nyalotha and Uunat, Harbinger of Void in raid, I mean how more obvious it has to be now what 8.3 will be?

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    Everything wow related is Corrupted since Vanilla.

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