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    Cool Help with Za'qul!


    So around half our raid team came back for 8.3, we did the rest of the bosses with significant ease but on this guy, phase 4, we all just start dying and we don't really know why. It might be our raid size (10 man) but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing we're missing. Also, we know about the rogue. He's new and we adopted him.


    Cheers, nice one!

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    Its a DPS race, the low DPS rogue doesnt help but with some management of delirium you might be able to do it.

    And the fact your tanks are letting the adds run yolo and kill your DPS doesnt help also? At least in a few tries.

    Basically at P4, you have to do this:

    Nuke boss, dodge tentacle and wait for Summoner adds to spawn, the 3 faceless ones basically.

    All DPS +1 healer (or 2-3-4, raid size dependent) go into Fear portal, (Purple portal with orange eye in the middle, next to the summoner adds) go down into the other dimension (Click the extra button) nuke the summoners asap.

    We kept the tanks up with a healer ourselves but pretty sure the tank can go down too, or maybe because its normal the damage wasnt noticeable if it triggers something so /care? But we kept the tanks up.

    Horrific Adds are attackable from both dimensions, same with the boss, so make sure your tanks are actually tanking them while DPS destroy them on the Summoner adds, aka get moving with your raid group even if your tanks cant see them (Place 3 ground marks, call on voicecomms where to go).

    When all 3 summoners are dead, everyone comes out (Go back to the portals, click the extra action button and come out) your 3 top DPS/people that have cooldowns up go into the Delirium dimension, aka the 3 orange eyes on the floor so they get the haste buff to destroy the boss/its shield so it wont explode and slowly wipe you, you can handle one explosion with personals and everyone at full HP, but its risky.

    Repeat till its dead.

    Now i dont know if delirium people can hit fear adds if they stay in long enough until the second respawn, but as previous phases, if you stay in delirium enough you come out from the dot eventually.
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    Hey man, thanks for the reply. It seems the thing that was killing us is Maddening Eruption, we didn't even realise it was there lmao!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldenguyz View Post
    Hey man, thanks for the reply. It seems the thing that was killing us is Maddening Eruption, we didn't even realise it was there lmao!
    Well, no wonder - in the last phase, you can't see the Eruption from the main realm, you need someone in other realms to tell you where it is.

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